MIUI Is Getting A New UI Refresh This Week – Caution: You May Need A Towel


I’m about to drop a whole world of awesome on you guys. Chinese developed (and English translated) MIUI ROM is going through some ch-ch-ch-changes. Nothing too dramatic. You can expect the same level of polish and attention to detail that we’ve seen in the many MIUI facelifts in the past, only this time with 50% more “wow.” Here’s a little bit of what you can expect later this week:

Now, if you made it this far and haven’t passed out yet these are just some of the things you can expect from one the best reasons to root your device. With a huge list of supported devices, this ROM was built entirely from the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and thanks to the amazing community of fans/developers from around the world, this ROM has been translated into just about every language in the known world (even that clicky one from Africa).

I thought I was doing alright with my unrooted Evo 3D and locked bootloader until I came across this update today. Maybe some day there will be an official MIUI device released (one might be coming to China) but until then, we’ll all have to live with being at the mercy of the awesome Android modding community.


Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Ahhh!! I just got a new ROM and settled in… oh well x)

    1. Flash MIUI…. flash it for me, Alex.

      1. if there are any women who would like to flash me…? jk im not 12, just very drunk…

        1. for the record, yes. i do look at android forums when i drink… sad.

          1. That’s not sad. That’s the best time to cruise the net! :D

          2. The world wide net always seems funnier when you’re a little tipsy.

    2. do it for Chris!!!!!

  2. Too bad they rip off the CM7 devs

    1. Naw, dawg. It’s built from source, yo. Last time I check, CM7 was only able to get their 4G from MIUI. It’s a known fact Chinese people are smarter than your average human. o_O

      1. Silly. they’re not HUMANS!

      2. Their Gingerbread based versions are based on CM7 either partly or entirely. That said, they do make lots of changes to apps, theme, etc.
        The Cyanogenmod logcat banner was left in their builds for a while =)

        I wouldn’t care except that no credit is given and it isn’t open source.

        1. Yeah, it’s a lot like Sense (in that it’s beautiful and closed source). Only problem is this is from China and people get paranoid that the ROM could be stealing their credit card info/social security numbers.

          As for me… I gladly give it to them ;D

      3. LOL, pretty sure it’s quantity over quality over there. With that many people eventually you will come up with something good.

      4. Ask any Cyanogenmod dev, they are not too fond of MIUI using their work and not crediting them. I’ve heard this countless times from them.

    2. I agree that MIUI should give more credit to CM7 as where they get there base system from.

      Sorry, ranting against Apple is unrelated… gotta learn to get off the soap box.

  3. Really wish this ROM had proper landscape support.

  4. I fricken love this ROM. It catches a lot of sh*t from purists for being iPhone-like, but you try running this rom using a different launcher, and then applying something like the Honeycomb theme (or another theme of your choosing), and then tell me it’s iPhone-like! It’s fast, it’s beautiful, and it’s stable. Only on Android, baby!

    1. I didn’t like it because there wasn’t many options

      1. Like what? Pretty much every option on CM7 is there, plus some. Just don’t use the stock launcher.

        1. Can I use Go Launcher with this.. and won’t that kill the nice UI of MIUI?

          1. Short answer…Yes you will still have the nice UI without using the launcher. I always used launcher pro with MIUI because I like having an app drawer.

          2. Yeah I use Go Launcher just fine with this ROM. Like MrDSL, I also like having an app drawer.

  5. thought it does look good, why anyone would choose ANY rom over sense is beyond me

    1. See I’m the other way. After using MIUI ther’s no way I could go back to sense. It’s like comparing a DaVinci masterpiece to a crayola scribble

      1. LOL! I don’t think the difference is that far apart! XD

        1. I do.

  6. The MIUI team actually are releasing a phone. Head to has some details on it – the story is still on the front page (P.P.S, I am in no way affiliated with miuiandroid!)

  7. MIUI’s Chinese dev team gave up on the Droid/Milestone when it came time to switch to Gingerbread, so that would’ve been enough to make me give up on them, if I hadn’t already done so because of the stupid video MMS issue that they just kept ignoring.

    1. There is a GB based MIUI for the Milestone and D1. There has been since April.

  8. MIUI is amazing, best mod I’ve ever tried on my Galaxy S, don’t even bother looking for new ones now on XDA, MIUI is just that good.

  9. I have the latest version so far running on my G2 with a customized Launcher7 layout and it’s the best android “experience” I have had to date.

  10. It boggles me that anyone thinks this ROM looks “awesome”, to me it looks badly dated and more than a little ugly. I’d stick with Cognition for the audience chip support anyway, but if I was going to switch MIUI certainly wouldn’t be on the list of possibles.

    Different strokes, I suppose.

  11. when is “later this week” since it is already Friday?

  12. dont know if i should switch from cm7 to this. easing my msg and setting everything back is pain in the butt.

    1. You can save your setting for ADW and cynageon and just use titanium backup to save your apps

  13. “New UI Refresh”??? Other than a little spit and polish, I honestly don’t see a whole lot of significant changes here. I mean MIUI has always been aesthetically beautiful, but the screenshots above just don’t look that much different (like I said, other than just a little more spit and polish) than the MIUI GB I was just running a couple of weeks ago.
    As for me, it just didn’t suit me. Too much white, no real way to customize certain UI elements, and despite it’s good looks, the iPhone launcher model (keeping all app icons on the desktop) is just so insanely ridiculous if you have more than a handful of apps. And organizing my 240+ apps into folders is waaaaaay too much trouble. Yes, I realize that I can use alternative launchers, but why? That’s like spray painting your Ferrari with a rattle can and putting a glasspack on it.
    There are many other reasons, but for me, CM7 allows me almost complete control over functionality and aesthetics, far more so than MIUI.
    To each his/her own, I guess.

  14. no app drawer is daft! who thought of that bright idea? all your apps on your home screens??? pretty interface otherwise, but no app drawer = no thanks!

    1. This is my initial reaction to MIUI. So I initially used LP or ADW with it to give me the app drawer back. After some time, I tried using the default launcher to reduce app overhead on my aging D1 and after a while I got used to it. Basically, you can group apps together in folders and move have them on different screens. It actually speeds up access to apps because you don’t have to scroll through a list every time. It is sort of like having built in sorting that many launchers have now added in. It takes time to setup the folders and group the apps, especially if you have a lot of apps installed, but you only have to do it once with the built in MIUI Backup that will restore your desktop configuration and icons after every new build :)

      1. Hi
        Yeah, I probably didnt give it enough time to get used to it, and I do use folder organizer on launcher pro anyway…

        So far, on the galaxy S2, MIUI is still ALPHA and there are loads of things not working, which is a massive pity since the phone is fantastic and I would like to try MIUI again. Last time I was on SGS1.


  15. Well let me be the first to say (as a G2x owner) That new keyboard is actually identical to the LG Optimus keyboard….and its by far the best keyboard i have used.

  16. It looks a little too iOS for my taste.

  17. It is not open source, so for me its not pure android. They ripoff many features of other open source devs to include them in their ROM violating the rule number 1, that is to share code to improve android as a whole.

    They can be stealing your info, preparing a massive DoS attack or just been greedy, none can verify it because is close sourced, so be careful.

    The first time you press menu>settings you can realize that its a IOS ripoff of also the things apple have wrong, a real mess in the settings page. Other things like the music app, the phone app and the lockscreen are cool. If it were open source I would give them a longer try.

    1. Dude seriously, think before you speak. MIUI is made by one if not the biggest android/iphone software company in china XIAOMI, company so big its valued at more than $200MIL. So before you go thinking MIUI is a backyard ROM use the google skills you have, that is if you even have it.

      And whats with the “ripoff”? HTC sense, Samsung TouchUI and othes all have updates that came from open source projects or even small devs changes that they thought was good to have in the ROM and i dont see anyone going on HTC or Samsung for ripping off other peoples work. stop hating and go do something better with your free time.

  18. Still waiting for it to be ready for the g2x ..someday

  19. Chris Chavez have MIUI for NOOK COLOR/ENCORE what about make a post showing users how nice it is having MIUI running on a tablet? :)

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