Sony S1 and S2 Tablets Launching As Early As September

When we last heard from Sony and their beautifully designed S1 and S2 tablets, they were said to launch this fall. However vague that launch date was, it appears as if Engadget has received a letter from Sony’s marketing team indicating that the devices will be available for pre-order as early as August and will launch sometime in September in the UK. Now, I’m no astrologist but that sounds more like summer to me and I’m definitely okay with that.

Sony’s S1 throws your standard tablet design for a loop with a refreshing “folded” back design. Their S2 is also trying to change things up with a very unique dual-screen clamshell design not too unlike what we’ve seen on the Kyocera Echo. There’s no denying that both devices are uber sexy and will be available from Sony Direct and a select few UK retailers. However, come Christmas, you can expect availability to open up through the usual outlets. As always, we’ll be keeping you posted.

Anyone else excited about, not only the design of the S1, but the possible functionality of Sony’s S2 line of tablets?

[Via Engadget]

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  • Wryy

    S1 looks to be a good break from the other tablets that are starting to look too much alike. The folded things sounds pretty nice too. The S2, though, is iffy for me.

  • Brian Pearcy

    Still not sold on any tablet at all.  For what they do they are a waste of money to me.  

  • Carly Salucci

    not long from now we will look back on tablets that have 16gb and think thats ridiculous, like having 512 of ram was. I wanted the transformer but now I’m going to wait at least until a tegra3 tablet is available. I know a tablet (at least right now) is meant to be a consumption device but 16-64 gb is bs.