Amazon E-Ink Android Tablet Could Tear A Hole In Holiday Season

If Amazon launches an Android Tablet that can somehow juggle a typical tablet display with the famed E-Ink screens which are brilliant for reading books (or any text) in sunlight, this holiday season could get really, really interesting. Not only would other Android Tablets face an uphill battle to compete with what is already a powerhouse, but it could also eat significantly into Apple’s ┬áiPad sales too.

This isn’t some far fetched possibility, either. Quanta has reported to Digitimes that they’ve received Tablet PC orders from Amazon and plan to sell 700k to 800k per month in the 2nd half of 2011, contributing $3.5 billion to their bottom line. The device Quanta is making for Amazon supposedly has E-Ink capabilities. While Digitimes has been known to shoot from the hip, they’ve also got solid inside sources within supply chains and this all seems feasible to me.

I know we’re a long way from the holiday season and there are a LOT of factors that go into purchase decisions (price, specs, etc…), but I’m curious to know – as of now – where a potential Amazon E-Ink Android Tablet fits on your interest list.

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  • Burnito

    Why is not an option the Eee Pad Transformer from Asus?

  • Aja Hemphill

    Can you say Nexus Tab at Google I/O?

    • robjackson81

      How I pray you are right…

  • andy

    Why has no-one except Notion Ink done a Pixel QI display??? The concept is excellent for tablets – is the quality not there?

    • Kam Siu

      pixel qi display is a very nice concept; however, people still want to use it as a regular color display. and the resolution, quality and viewing angles of the color mode needs more time to be perfected

      • Charbax

        The Pixel Qi color mode and viewing angles are now just as good as any other LCD.

    • blueyedsoul1

      Also, they just got their production facilities up to snuff enough to produce the millions of units that a major manufacturer would require for a mainstream device. Prior to this they were still gathering funding.

  • supremekizzle

    Will it be e ink and regular LCD? Android would look lame on just e ink.

    • Terrormaster

      Something new called FFS (Fringe Field Switching) which like Pixel-Qi offers the best of both worlds.

  • ylexot

    B&W E-Ink Android? No thanks. I also vote for ASUS Eee Transformer. I’m amazed it wasn’t an option. BAD PHANDROID! BAD!

    • Terrormaster

      What’s coming to Amazon is NOT B&W eInk. It’s a NEW technology called FFS (Fringe Field Switching) which offers a color display on par with LCDs but with all the perks of being able to read outdoors in sunlight like traditional eInk.

    • robjackson81

      I stuck with pure tablets and didn’t want to go overboard because there are SOOOO Many tablets. Feel free to write it in as “Other”!

  • Arendth99

    Actually the Pixel-qi display would be fine for most folks. The real creative destruction would be whispernet. Free, slow internet.

  • Mike Manning

    Lenovo ThinkPad with pen and digitizer.

  • Markcom

    I played with the Xoom, original ipad and ipad2 while at the verizon store. The original ipad was liquid smooth as was the ipad2. The Xoom was choppy and stuck some as I moved only between screens. I was throughly unimpressed. Motorola needs to make the experience at least on par with the Apple products. In paying to dollar I expect top dollar performance – no excuses.

    • Scott Palmer

      Agreed. The problem is with the OS though. No hardware screen writes AFAIK. It’s in the pipe. Google is taking their time though.

  • 155

    Please Amazon, bring text to speech to all android devices. I would pay for the app. Carrying around my kindle while walking my dog is awkward.

  • cdog

    Best of both worlds, I love it and would def buy one. I want to read a lot on my tablet, but I would much prefer reading the e-ink style of a nook, and switching to lcd led when playing with it as a tablet. Wow, hope this is true.

  • Chimphappyhour

    If I want to read a book, I’ll read a book. And guess what? No battery life to worry about and no crashing or force closes! Well, unless I don’t like what I’m reading. :P

  • monacharper

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