BREAKING NEWS: Sony S1 and S2 Tablets Take Center Stage In Tokyo [Video]


Just a few moments ago Sony held a press event in Tokyo where they announced a pair of Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablets. What’s the difference between these and the slew of Honeycomb tablets hitting the market? Pure. Unadulterated. Sex appeal.

The first is the Sony S1. Its a 9.4 inch tablet powered by an Nvidia Tegra 2 processor and what Sony is calling “Quick and Smooth” touch panel UI and a “Swift” web browser. The design of the tablet actually reminds me a lot of this Targus laptop cooler I purchased from Sam’s Club the other day. Only – sexier.

The second tablet shown was their S2. Its a smaller, dual-screened, clam shell design with each of it’s screens measuring 5.5 inches and a resolution of 1,024 x 480. It is also powered by a Tegra 2 processor. Looks like Kyocera might have been onto something after all with their dual-screened Echo handset. They can officially say, “We did it first.”

Both tablets feature front and rear facing cameras, Playstation certification, connectivity to current Sony products as well as WiFi and 3G/4G connectivity. Sony’s new tablets will be available worldwide this fall. You may now change your pants.

[Via Engadget]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Anything without tegra 2 please !!!!

    1. why?

      1. Because it’s an old processor!!!

        Sent from ?

        1. You dumbass software optimization is just as important as hardware.

          1. Never said otherwise, dumbass! It’s an old processor, qualcomm, TI, and Samsung will wipe the floor with that chip. It’s too late in the game to be putting the tegra 2, specially when it got killed by the A5 from apple. Now if they optimize it with sammys chip or with qualcomm it would be better.

            Sent from ?

    2. You don’t like the Tegra 2? Waiting for Tegra 3 or….. Intel?

      1. Tegra 2 seems disappointing it got slaughtered by Apple’s a5, qualcomm has a better adreno 220 gpu, and will have hardware drm. Plus it will be used on HTC tablet, me likey!!!

        Sent from ?

        1. Oooooh.. You know your stuff! And I agree. Tegra 2 isn’t up to my “tablet standards” =/

  2. Well shoot.

    Just when I thought my Android table choice was becoming clear…

  3. I’ve been waiting for a Sony tablet I’m for sure getting the S1

  4. Need to see pricing before i get all excited

  5. I honestly swore off tablets in general. Didn’t really feel like any of them could fit into my tech lifestyle.

    Then this came along and made my life complicated =/

    1. Which one? The “sleek design but like any other tablet” S1 or the “Redefining the look and use of a tablet” S2

  6. i honestly don’t see the appeal/need for a tablet. if i’m at home, i’ll use my laptop. if i’m on the go, i use my phone for quick uses of the internet, since i’m busy doing errands anyway. the ONLY use i could see for it is like, on an airplane or something, since it’s kind of hard to have a laptop open on one of those tables, especially if the person in front of you leans back (and especially if you have a large laptop. mine is 17 inches).

    1. The biggest draw is battery life, SSD storage, and a touch screen. Probably doesn’t sound like much, but I don’t know how we lived before these things.

      1. Absolutely agree with you on every count. Battery life on my XOOM is 4 times as much than my laptop with an extended battery. Also I can’t tell you how convienent a tablet is, I use my XOOM more than my laptop, phone and 27″ iMac

  7. y are you so excited about this? what are the specs again? does anyone really care? if anything ill stick with the asus tab…

    1. Asus Transformer looks cool. I think its a toss up between that and this Sony one. Lets see what Samsung can bring to the table later this year =)

  8. Yeah this sounds good and looks good…ijust don’t understand why oh why they didn’t go with 10+ inches for the biggest one….weird.

  9. Well these look kind of fun… Especially the clamshell.

    But never buying another Sony product again, thanks. What kind of proprietary crap have they stuck on there that so I can’t just use all my normal Android apps properly?

  10. awesome!! always liked Sony products. heck, I still have my SE K800i phone (circa 2007ish) still works for me. Camera is still cut above the existing cameras of recent phones. I am sure S1 and S2 will change the current market trend!!

    1. iT iS iDooomed to iFail.

      Go away iDrone.

  11. Sony – All style, no reliable substance and appalling customer service. Never again.

  12. I bet you the clam shell will have soft PSP controls on it, so it’ll become direct descendant of SE Play. Aside that I see no application for such a weird form-factor. Same like their tiny PC that fits a lady purse or a jean pocket – it’ll find very limited audience. I always liked Sony products, and will continue buying them for the reliability and style. But not these two things, as I’m quite sure I won’t agree with paying a regular Sony brand premium on a tablet. Vaio laptops FTW!

  13. Not interested in buying computer hardware from a company that deeply believes that it (and not me) owns that hardware after I purchase it.

  14. All I know is I have a VAIO laptop and it’s like trying to power an aircraft carrier with two AA batteries. Seriously, the thing dies in like 45 minutes and it’s a BRAND NEW laptop!

  15. Wow, now Sony is coming into the game. At least this seems to be different than their mobile phones in which these tablets appear to be running stock honeycomb. I think that’s going to be the trend: stock honeycomb with added widgets/apps like the Galaxy Tab 10.1. I’m excited about all these high end options for android tablets. This is the best thing for us consumers. We get more choices. :D

  16. sony again late like htc
    big brands are developing tegra 3 quad cores
    and these suckers didnt even finalise dual cores

  17. JIZZ.

  18. S1 looks like Notion Ink Adam

  19. So if GeoHotz hacks the bootloader will he be sued for that as well?

  20. Is it just me or this ad looks Final Fantasy-ish? These products look nice but we have to see the prices first before considering getting one.

  21. let’s just that they’re gonna give us saticfaction……..

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