Motorola i1Q for Sprint Nextel Shows Its Face

We don’t see a ton of rugged, push-to-talk Androids flooding the streets. In fact, the only one that comes to mind is the Motorola i1 which launched mid-2010. It looks like that phone may finally have a successor as a GrupoAndroid member has uncovered pictures of what they claim is the Motorola i1Q:

As you can see it adds a full QWERTY keyboard much in the spirit of the Motorola Droid Pro. Unfortunately it’s got a low powered processor and only runs Android 2.1. The upside is that it’s got a sturdy build, and for folks in the field, this is probably their main priority.

How many of you out there in the field would settle for these less than stellar specs if indeed, like the i1, it came with PTT functionality?

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  • Blest

    thats a very ugly phone

  • scott

    Dat keyboard… yuckkk

  • Dilbert

    This phone is not for emo kids who want to look cool. It’s a business phone.

  • scott

    Thanks dilbert i didn’t know a phone couldn’t look good and have a function or look good unless its for emo kids?

  • Kanye West

    “Yo I1Q, I’m really happy for you and I’mma let you be #1 nextel phone, but the EVO is one of the best phones of all time!”

  • Kevin

    Isn’t the i1 still running Android 1.x?

    Probably no plans for motorola to maintain these phones.

  • 3 Phones

    Awful Suspect to me…how come the only Motorola phones for Sprint are Nextels???

  • Blest



    All cool looking phones are for Emos?


  • good news everyone!

    Wander what sprint will unveil next month.att has some nice phones coming soon. I may switch

  • Sin City

    And this is the only way you’ll see a Motorola Android on Sprint. Beautiful.

  • chimphappyhour

    Hmm, I don’t think Mr. Droid was the father of this phone. Seems Mrs. Droid has been sneaking off with Mr. Blackberry. :P

  • Alex

    it’s a rugged phone for people who work in construction and such, and it has to run on the ancient nextel network that’s really slow (with push to talk)…so if you need a rugged smartphone this is your only choice, otherwise get something else, end of story

  • Curry

    Sprint, give us another EVO to be proud of…

  • francisco

    OMG i love it!!!<3 i got the motorola i1 from sprint!

  • abdul

    i want this but is it boost mobile

  • edubble

    This phone is perfect, unless its iden!!!!!!! According to Hesse Sprint is phasing out iden in favor of a CDMA workaround (Qchat2? The name of the phone is i1″Q”!!!!!)for its ptt customers. If in fact its 2.1 only thats fine cuz im gonna get honeycomb tablet to compliment my style!

  • Dr0iDb

    Awesome phone!

  • sein ramirez

    wen will this phone be at th sprint stores?????