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CM7 Alpha Goes myTouch 4G

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  1. I’m not sure why it says “with Google” when it isn’t a Google experience phone like the G2.

  2. My droid x says “with google”, and it isn’t a gep.

  3. zzzzzzz

  4. So don’t frequent it, moron.

  5. my OG DROID said with google as well as many other non-gep phones. the new htc thunderbolt4G/mecha/incredibleHD/mocha also has the “with google”. Im glad because it will not only inform new smart phone users that there phone is indeed a google phone, but it also says fuck off to all the carriers who try to load it with bing. its one thing when a manufacturer skins a phone, but google needs to stop letting carriers rape android.

  6. Hmmm… Smaller screen size than the Evo.

  7. I think the thunderbolt looks like a better phone….
    <—"with Google"

  8. I hope this flavor of Evo has better quality control than the current one. Random reboots and broken USB ports make the phone less than useful.

    Google offers 3 flavors of Android to the carriers, so what you see is what they got. If Google doesn’t like it, they can change their offerings and the licensing agreement to prevent the “raping” of Android.

  9. Technically, all android phones are “with google”…android=google, whether its been skinned to death and Bing-arized or not.

    The Radio shack ad says 3.6″ screen…that sucks. Knew it would not be 4.3”, but that one-tenth of an inch (from the originally reported 3.7)DOES make a difference, it just does.

  10. What happened to the new version of Sense? Is it ever coming to America?

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