EVO 4G Shift Accessories Arriving at Best Buy

shift 4g acc
Looks like Best Buy is getting their hands on some EVO 4G Shift accessories in the form of fitted screen protectors.

And I don’t know how long this has been going on, or if it’s just something of a typo, but when did the name get shuffled around to “EVO 4G Shift”? I doubled checked in with the Radio Shack ad, and it confirmed my suspicion. I’m going with typo on Zagg’s part.

[via Engadget]

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  • Aaron

    why evo shift. midranged phoens are fail. samsung epic for evo4g!

  • Chris

    looks like english was a fail for you

  • Christopher

    Clearly English is not up to your standard

  • tim242

    @aaron: this is not a midrange. It’s the desire z / g2 for Sprint. Get educated.

  • ixjctx

    I personally don’t like htc using the “evo 4g” name for a phone that is actually a step down statistically. Correct me if i’m wrong but i believe this device is speculated to have a slower processor than the original evo. Just expected a step up with the evo sequel.

  • Caleb

    This is a slider, and the G2 is a Z-hinge. the G2 is a dual-core, the Evo Shift is not. In fact, it’s not even a 1Ghz CPU. Frankly, this phone would have been much better had they put in a 4″ screen, a 1.2 to 1.5Ghz CPU or an 800Mhz dual-core. Gyroscope would also be necessary. If it had these things, it’d be great.

  • Saneok

    G2 does not have a dual core!

  • Chris

    the g2 isnt dual core

  • 3 Phones

    instead of complaining about processors and screen size how about the fact that the front facing camera is nowhere to be found? Front cams should be a standard for 4G phones.

  • Manny

    Yep. G2 is still better without dual core, than this.

  • tim242

    Why can’t people stop with this issue of Evo in the name? Hello…Droid, Droid X, Droid Incredible, Droid Eris…different processors, different screen sizes…all carry the Droid name! As far as FFC, It is visible in some pics, on the left. That is not LED, htc puts those in the ear grill. It looks identical to the camera on the Evo.

  • http://www.pooporchocolate.com/ teckel

    This is news?

  • Chris93036

    Did you know Verizon copyrighted the name “Droid” ? They call any of the high end smart phones Droids.. it started with the HTC Droid Eris and Motorola Droid and led on to Droid X, Droid 2, HTC Droid Incredible and now.. [for the “thunder bolt”] HTC Droid %*$=% ..
    People think Motorola owns the rights to the name Droid.. but nope. :)
    Also.. the Galaxy S Fascinate is not a Droid because its not considered as a high end smartphone but as a mid range smart phone loaded with Bing.
    *Any phone loaded with Bing will not be considered as a high end smartphone. [And IMO, should not be purchased] lol!

  • tim242

    Chris93036: The Fascinate is a high-end phone, not mid range at all. But, you were right about the Bing part. That’s the one and only reason it’s not a Droid.

  • paris

    Where are people getting their info all messed up about the chip in this phone compared to the of evo chip….this phone>>>evo in performance.. dumbasses its getting annoying.

  • Derwood3285

    @Chris93036: Actually- the word Droid is copyrighted to George Lucas and is used by Verizon under a licensing agreement. Hence the Droid R2-D2 and other possible future tie ins.

    And Droid was retroactively added to the Eris and Incredible after the wild success of the OG Motorola Droid.

  • MonkeyCheese

    @Chris93036 actually George Lucas owns the word droid.

  • Chris93036

    Yeah.. he created it in Star Wars.. but Verizon got permission to use it. That’s the point I was trying to make. Lol

  • http://www.pooporchocolate.com/ teckel

    Galaxy S phones are faster and higher end phone than any of the Droids. You’re stupid and gay if you don’t know that.

  • Brett

    No Tes teckel, they’re not. Clearly your stupid and gay since you don’t know THAT.

  • http://phandroid anonymous

    the evo shift will actually be on par / faster than the original EVO. because the Evo has an older generation 1 GHz snapdragon. where as this one has one identical to the T-mobile G2. a new generation 800MHz snapdragon processor, which in tests that i’ve seen whip the evo’d older processor any day.

  • http://phandroid BJ

    this and the G2 are generally speaking the same phone for a different carrier. same specs, screen size, manufacturer, and design. excluding the sense skin that the evo shift has and the stock android that the G2 has and the Z shaped slide out mechanism the G2 has.

  • Chris93036

    @teckel I’m only stating the facts, don’t act like a little kid because I offended your non updated p.o.s. Lol

  • Red

    anonymous, your comment doesn’t make sense…

  • The Dark Knight

    I can’t wait to actually handle this device. I’ve been offered the opportunity to get an EVO as a gift, but I would like something closer in size to the Sprint Hero which I received as a Christmas gift last year. The EVO Shift 4G seems like it might fit the bill!

  • Carlos

    Nice phone now i can’t wait for Verizon’s version.

  • Size matters

    @The Dark Knight
    I belive this pone is actually going to be the same length as the Evo, sadly. I HOPE SPRINT WILL MAKE A NICE SMALL ANDROID PHONE LIKE THE HTC HERO though, or adopt the IPHONE

  • kiwisoup

    First off, benchmark tests show that this processor is actually FASTER than the one in the EVO because it is a second generation. There is more than just MHz and GHz. Second of all, there are a couple reports that there IS in fact a front-facing camera and as for the other stats, it’s all purely speculative at this point and you need to stop discounting this phone purely based on rumors.

  • Mikeman

    I read the same thing that kiwisoup posted. Maybe less MHz (800 vs 1G)but actually faster. Also has Android 2.2. Does your epic have 2.2 yet? By the way it is $50 less. So far im liking the shift.