DROID Life Nabs Some Shots of HTC Thunderbolt


Thunderbolt 2
DROID Life got some exclusive shots of the much hyped HTC Thunderbolt. I wont lie, she’s a good looking device. And you can bet good money that this will be one of the top talks of CES this year. I wont bore you with everything you’ve already read about this device; but it is fairly safe to say that this will be an LTE device, if there ever was any doubt.
Thunderbolt 1

DROID Life has ten more shots if you are interested.

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North American Desire HD Passes Through FCC

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  1. I want it!

  2. Buying this outright the day it’s released. Sorry, Droid X.

  3. Thinner version of the EVO by the looks of it. I’m jealous!

  4. How is this going to be the talk of CES…Im thinking that Motorola Tablet will be the talk of CES this yr…CES 2011 will be all about tablets with Dual Cores….and hopefully phones with the same

  5. This definitely could be the phone I use this year to replace my incredible!

  6. No dedicated shutter button? Boo.

  7. Holy moses, that is hot.

  8. This will certainly be mine…The Incredible will become a hand me down.

  9. droid thunderbolt? naahhhh

  10. I don’t normally like htc phones this could make me change my mind

  11. We all want that too xD
    Its so kinky.. but wait, there’s a Google signature, does that mean it come with a vanilla rom ?

  12. This could be stock android because nowhere on the phone does it say “with HTC Sense” …

  13. I Looked At The Pics On Droid-Life..

  14. Looks a lot more like the Nexus One than the new S does.

    I like it!

  15. Looks just like the phone that we saw pics of 2 odd months ago…

  16. Been waiting

  17. this is my dream phone a 4g android phone with stock android and on verizon!

  18. @investigator – my HTC EVO doesn’t say “with HTC Sense” anywhere on it either, but, it’s there. This looks like an EVO with the Wimax radio swapped for an LTE radio.

  19. @David the incredible has the ‘with Google’ logo on the back cover but Sense was still put on it. I’m hoping your right though, with 2.3 coming out I hope they throw stock gingerbread on there! :)

  20. I wonder if HTC is leaking this “early” since they know that maybe verizon and/or Apple will also announce the iphone (for vzw) at CES… hmmm…

  21. technically, isn’t that a lightning bolt? I mean, thunder is a sound, not a bolt, right?

  22. technically, isn’t that a lightning bolt? I mean, thunder is a sound, not a bolt, right?

  23. I’m tired of Tmobile and their childish Android phones. Give me ONE fuckin phone like this already. Vzw now has two 4.3″ phones and Sprint will probly get the Evo 2 before TMO gets ONE 4.3″+ Android phone…

  24. Good bye Droid X hello Thunderbolt

  25. @pimpstron, then get an HD2(4.3 SCREEN) and put android on it, or go the corny route and copped a HD7(4.3 SCREEN) OR wait till CES FOR THE SAMSUNG FASCINATE 2 WITH A 4.5 SCREEN.

  26. Are those to dots above the rear camera the speaker or two noise cancellation mics?

  27. ****I MEAN GALAXY S VIBRANT 2***

  28. Simply an EVO with an LTE radio instead of WiMax. But if the EVO 2 makes its debut at the conference guess what….the EVO 2 will be the talk of the conference.

  29. my eris says with google but stil has sense):

  30. I am so freaking jealous of this phone I have the Evo and this looks like some type of phone that would be in a movie like Tron lol.

  31. @marcus
    same here

  32. Ahhh!! this is the phone ive been waiting for! and please let it be android stock 2.3!! please!! lol and @jester yes it is a lightning/thunder bolt. you would ask that question if the phone was to be called Thunder only tho. which i think would have sounded better. lol.

  33. Pretty sweet, it looks just like every other phone on the market :\

  34. DUal core?? Heres to hoping if not then f that shit these next gen phones need dual core homies thats a big key




  37. @phonedog
    stock android makes it faster for updates nobody is saying its that much better just makes less work to get updates out relax no need for capitals!

  38. I would recommend not waiting for this and get a Samsung Galaxy S phone right now. Unless you like getting new software updates and features freqently added and on time, then in which case yes, this is a great option from HTC.
    -disgusted Samsung Galaxy S owner

  39. @phone dog stock android is the best! and i forgot to mention @kwaping that i never used my shutter button on my Droid! always used the screen for some reason? lol

  40. wait a minute.. i just looked at the rest of the phones pics and i see no HDMI out, no SD card slot, or it doesn’t look like the battery is removable? all i see is the headphone jack and mini USB port. wow.. not very excited anymore. =[ i wanted it all.

  41. @chris
    the sd card is prob behind the battery door and battery is removable its not an iphone

  42. @chris93
    if you look near the top you can see a slit for fingernail to remove the battery cover

  43. i bet this phone got 1 hr of talk time and 2 hrs of stand by.

  44. @chris oh yeah.. your right. whew.. that doesnt resolve my hdmi out issue tho. lol. i want one so i can play vids from my phone on the HD television we have at work!

  45. I would love to unlock this phone and bring it to T-Mobile. I hope they don’t block North American frequencies like they did with the Droid Pro and Droid 2 Global

  46. Wow, look at that its just a blk and grey Evo. I still like the red and black version. My only hope is that this version is not just a battery hog like its previous versions of this style.

  47. Thunderbolt has the new HTC Sense, all the leaked photos show this. This phone is based on the new Desire HD which launched in Europe a couple of months ago. Thunderbolt has micro HDMI like the EVO, plus SRS Speakers behind the kickstand (EVO doesn’t have that) along with a better designed camera, you can clearly see the camera doesn’t stick out like it does on the Incredible and EVO, so no risk scratching the camera cover or bending it (like i did my incredible). The top of the phone is the USB jack, the side is the micro HDMI. This phone is looking like a media powerhouse with the huge speaker behind the kickstand, a speaker hidden under the soft touch buttons, micro HDMI, front facing camera and a huge 4.3″ screen (hopefully AMOLED)

  48. @Gurdian-uhhhhhhh ya you do that man… Unlock it and take it to your t-mobile store. Make sure you pay attention to the way everyone laughs at you when you ask them to set it up on there network.

    @Anyone touting Samsung Galaxy series over anything is android dumb and they need to go back to there flip phone Nokia. Comon doesn’t anyone else ever notice almost EVERY complaint on the Android marketplace is from someone that owns a POS Galaxy series Android device?

    This Hopefully has Sense UI as IMO is the best and most intuitive UI out there. My biggest 3 wishes on this device would be. 1. GOOD battery life (unlikely) 2. Android 3.0 debut (possibility if it gets released Feb mar of 2011 and 16 GB of BUILT in Flash memory. I don’t even care if they leave out the sd card completely. I can always buy one of those. cant ad more flash when I run out.

  49. Verizon label on it? No GSM version for U.S?? huge fail :(

  50. @ZI

    You made my day! LOL

  51. @IanMMA I don’t think he meant he “physically” will take it to tmobile but use the phone in t-mobile network. However that probably can’t be done since verizon is CDMA isn;t it?

  52. Buy the iPhone instead, it has multi-touch and retina display. http://www.apple.com/iphone/
    iPhone 4: Changes everything… Again

  53. I have the Incredible and the X and if this goes to Verizon I will replace my Inc (not that I don’t love it cause I do) the day it launches.

  54. I will only be sold on this phone if Verizon doesn’t put Bing on it with rooting as the only way to get it off.

  55. @ianmma It could potentially work on T-mobile because since its a 4g device with lte it will be able to take a sim card. Whether or not it will be able to take a t-mobile sim card is a different story. Just saying that its not too crazy to think you wouldnt be able to use it as a T-mo phone.

  56. p.s. i agree that its a stupid name….thats clearly a lightning bolt.

  57. Will data speeds in non-LTE areas be slower than 3G? If so, I’ll stick with the 3G DroidX. Most of the country won’t be LTE until sometime in 2012.

  58. No dual core, what’s the point. I’ll wait for the moto tegra.

  59. Oh I so want! Too bad my yearly upgrade isn’t until June. But it should still be around by then.
    Dual processor or not, I don’t care. I have a hex core in my PC, don’t need it in my phone. But that’s me.

  60. Too bad it doesn’t fit in your pocket! When will manufactures realize that 4.3″ is too large for a phone?

  61. @teckel

    Why would they think that? They sell like hot cakes in February. They also fit in my pocket just fine.

  62. Here’s the question, with these LTE, can we get them without LTE coverage and just 3G?

  63. NICE! Glad to see another NICE HTC phone on verizon.
    Im not a big fan of hardware keyboards or the bulk they bring with them. Just because it says with google doesnt mean it wont have sense. id prefer vanilla but sense isnt too bad as long as updates get rolled out in a timely manner.

    @Teckel This phone will fit in your pocket….unless you wear skinny jeans! the Evo fit perfectly in my pocket

  64. phone looks good.features are also up to date.Found some more pics for the same handset at http://onlineupdats.blogspot.com/2010/12/verizon-htc-thunderbolt-photos-and.html

  65. @NCX i looked all around the phone and saw nothing of a HDMI port. From what I can see are 2 mics on the back above the dual led flash.. another mic near the headphone jack.. and one more mic on the bottom of the phone.
    The right side has only the volume rockers you can see the engraved + and – .. at the top you can see the engraved power sign, the on/off/sleep button, battery door, and than the headphone jack.. the left of the phone I found only the mini usb port, and the bottom.. like I said is the mic.
    As for speakers.. there is the one behind the kickstand, one above the phone and it does look like there is another below the android buttons. But it could just be the design?
    And last.. what leaked photos show that this phone has the new htc sense? Please share a URL cause I can’t find it anywhere.. all I see is the thunder/lightning bolt or just a blank screen.

  66. Can this thing make phone calls? LOL

    In all seriousness, I rather have a bit slower processor with better battery life (supposedly dual core will give better battery life) than a blazing fast phone. I mean apps are so infantile and basic that they don’t even come close to taxing processors.

  67. This phone looks real nice. Everybody wants a kickstand now. And I’m also wondering if Verizon will charge an extra fee for LTE.

    if you’re wearing skinny jeans i guess it wont fit, but for everyone else the larger screen is a plus.

  68. The Eris ruined me on htc…sigh….im sorry DX im gonna give this thunder bolt a chance damn i knew i should have waited lol

  69. Looks like a desire hd with a kick stans…sweeeeeeet!!!!!!!

  70. I may get this if i can’t wait long enough for the Motorola LTE Tegra 2 phone and if it doesn’t impress me. I know HTC makes quality phones and with this being a close relative of the EVO with improvements in all the right areas, it may just be my next phone.

  71. @Your Mom, I sent that message (1st) as bait (guilty) and (2nd) to seperate the knowledgeable from the unknowing (3rd) to strike up a discussion about the possibilities. Thank you for the backup BTW :)
    @IanMMA, do you think I would mention anything like that without first knowing? I run all four major carriers, with the possibility of adding the fifth.

  72. From what I hear it will run Flash Lite 4 instead of the Full version (10.2). With a 4.3″ amoled running 4G and stereo speakers I don’t think battery life will be too impressive.

  73. Even though I want this phone so bad but can’t have it. I hope it has dual core (its just going to make me more jealous) because I am sick of all the new phones that are called “innovations” or the “best” phone out there when they are made with 1ghz processors like the rest of all the new phones made along with 8 mp cameras and 4.3 inch phone. Make a phone with android 3.0 with a 10 mp camera dual core 2ghz processors…..then call it the “best”
    Just my opinion lol :)

  74. Great device except for not having the awesome unibody design (like HTC Leged and Desire HD).

  75. I’m wondering how long irl take for someone to stay a class action lawsuit when they realize that their DX’ are not 4G (LTE) compatible? Many VZW reps told me the phones would be LTE compatible but I’ve been educated and now know better.

  76. U all realize htc is owned by audiovox right? VZW is so lame they have a 4g (LTE) network as small as it may be but with no phone to work on it yet? Fail! I’m and epic owner 15 yrs plus with sprint after next year i will be going with a gsm network cdma sucks big time. 4g just hit clev area top speed as of now 7 meg’s gsm networks have been doing that for years nows and they will likely hit 20 with thier hspa+

  77. Isn’t LTE a GSM-based system?

    AFAIK, LTE is the unification that the US market has been waiting for.

    I predeict that Sprint will begin moving away from WiMax, and join VZW, AT&T in mograting to LTE. TMobile wil follow suit sometime thereafter.

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