Just in Time for the Holidays: QRapping Paper

Now that you’re done saying the headline in your head for the 12th time:

If you plan on winning some Phandroid goodies, and giving them as a gift you should probably make it the geekiest gift of the year.

On every sheet of 20″x30″ QRapping paper there are 50 unique QR codes that, when scanned, let you view an original holiday video. But, running at $20 for two sheets you better wrap gifts intended only for the top-tier-geek of your geek friend circle.

How do we one up this idea? Custom QR codes. Next year, perhaps.

[via OH GIZMO! | QRappingpaper.com]

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  • jdog25

    Yeah you give them an empty box wrapped in this stuff and they have to scan the code to find there real present.

  • http://joshdobbs.com Josh

    that’s cool! A little pricey but still cool

  • Steven Skwarkowski

    Nerdiest wrapping paper ever! Would be a great gift for “**** in a box!”

  • Matt

    That’s awesome! Too bad no one would appreciate it and my wife would just think I’m more of a geek if I told her to wrap my gifts in it.

  • http://music.kwaping.com Kwaping

    How do you pronounce that – “crapping paper”?

  • Todd

    You could pretty easily create your own and have it printed at a Kinkos.

  • john the lesser

    that’s awesome. though since it’s a video thing they could make their money off ad revenue.

  • tagno25

    The ones I could scan seem to be sequentially numbered.


  • Bled82

    The video in the bottom right of the jello mold is awesome! LOL .

  • Oblio

    The videos are completely random, but still somewhat entertaining (like watching a train wreck, I suppose).

    Just paste SCN.BY/9T9AB0HTW8GYxx into your browser address bar and replace the xx at the end with a number from 40 to 59. At least those are the ones that I found work (although with some duplicates).

    My favorites are
    51 and 53

  • Alexander

    @Kwaping: Probably as close as it’ll get, lol!

  • http://youtube.com/fablehousestudios Zed Fable

    I didn’t wrap my gifts in QRCodes last year, but I did use them as tags. I’m one of 7 in a fairly geeky family, and I let them use my Droid on Christmas morning to go around scanning the gifts to find out who they were for. My 10 year old brother thought it was the coolest thing ever. :D

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