BlackBerry Users Want To Join The Android Faithful


Based on a report by CrowdScience, 90% of Android users plan on sticking with their current brand of phone while 32% of BlackBerry users said they would ditch their device for the Nexus One. If you added the Motorola Droid and other Android phones into that mix I wonder what the result would be. Oh wait… it looks like the report has that too – 33% of  BlackBerry users want to switch to Android for their next purchase.


I’m questioning how accurate the results are based on the sample selection – check out what type of phones the respondents had:

  • iPhone (17%)
  • Blackberry(15%)
  • Nokia (10%)
  • Windows Mobile (4%)
  • Android (3%)
  • Palm (2%)

But the survey DID include 1,140 respondents so the deviation should be pretty low. They were collected from websites serving more than 20 million unique visitors. Now I’m just wondering which websites they were!

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  1. Interesting, I know a co-worker who recently moved from a Storm to a Storm2 (at least I think she actually moved up) saw my Droid and was planning on buying one last weekend. I haven’t seen her yet today to see if she actually got it yet though.

  2. I know quite a few people that are looking to make the switch if they haven’t already. Android phones aren’t bad and as we promote them more and spread the word people are starting to take notice. It’s no surprise really. One of my closest friends when I first got my G1 stated that Android wouldn’t last long. He is looking to purchase one now depending on what Blackberry comes out with next.

  3. I know one of those sites they surveyed was I answered their quiz recently.

  4. Nokia took my virginity when it came to cellphones. Now I have moved on to the HTC Hero. Sorry Nokia, you just weren’t enough phone for me… But thank you for bringing me into the world of cellular technology!

  5. I will be making the move from BB to the N1 or incredible the day it comes out. Im done w BB. Not personal enough for me. I need my phone for business and pleasure. And for Gods sake, the browser BLOWS on BB

  6. I’d question the accuracy too when the breakdown doesn’t accurately reflect the current market. 17% iphone to 15% BB???

  7. @ryan thats exactly what the OP was saying. the sample sizes are way off. also, i have the BB storm but am pretty much done w it. not feeling storm2 either

  8. Blackberries will still dominate for business people, politicians, doctors, etc.

  9. I am all for people switching from BB to Android phones. Just means one less person I have to support on the BB Ent Server at work. I hate that thing!

  10. I think one thing that you need to take into account is Verizon. A lot of people (like me) wanted to stick with Verizon, but wanted a nice touchscreen smartphone. The best option we had was the Storm 1. It started out sucky and has now become tolerable, but each day I’m constantly reminded of the age of my handset as I see the platform stagnating while Apple/Google/Palm/Microsoft shoot ahead. I imagine a lot of people are in the same boat as me – non-business users who got it because it was either all they could get at the moment, or it was all they thought they needed at the moment. With the rise of the mobile web, they’re starting to have their doubts about the platform.

    The Droid didn’t appeal to me, and the Eris was too underpowered for my tastes. I have my credit card out and ready for the Nexus One. I’m buying it out of contract the minute its available (hopefully) next week – that’s just how desperate I am.

  11. @9. Stephen

    Damn it. I was hoping Enterprise Server would make things easier! BBs are nightmares at times.

  12. I think the stats are correct as I know a blackberry user and she wants to switch :D

  13. BB still has the edge when it comes to security and integration with ms exchange and battery life, but I expect that will change over time. The Android is so open and the OS & dev tools keep improving. BB and iPhone can’t say that. I suspect that most folks who does the research rather than fall for slick ads will move towards Andoird. I just wish there were more of us! I switched to the HTC hero last October and there is no going back.

  14. @MrS, how come the droid didn’t appeal to you? It IS a sexy device, and you might not need all the extra power of the N1

  15. Welcome to the android takeover blackberry folks!

  16. @John, the form factor wasn’t to my liking.

  17. Unfortunately these results mean nothing, here’s why:

    -First, standard deviation has nothing to do with the sample size-it’s how much the data varies from the mean. So we cannot make any assumptions about the deviation.

    -The surveys were observational and did not use random samples so all we can show is an association and it means nothing for the general population

    -As MrS mentioned, there could be several confounding variables that have not been accounted for.

    My point? They call these polls “non-scientific” for a reason. This data is about as useful as Android App Reviews observation that they know someone that wants to switch. Unfortunately we like to pick any poll to support what we want. The problem with these polls is that people satisfied with their phones were unlikely to vote. I have a Droid and I love it, but I cannot take a poll of people who love Android and then infer that the entire country loves Android. I just get tired of “statistics” being used to prove everyone’s personal view. Just like taking a poll of satisfaction with Apple on a MacAddict forum would be ridiculous, this is just as ridiculous.

  18. As a Blackberry storm user, I will be purchasing a Nexus One as soon as it is available to Verizon users. I purchased a Storm1 when it was released and have been kicking myself since. It was my first experience with Blackberry and has definitely put a sour taste in my mouth.

    In my opinion, the only Blackberry device that carries any significance in the current smartphone market is the Bold 9700. It will appeal to those who prefer a keyboard over a touchscreen, and the optical track pad is a really nice improvement over the track ball.

    Blackberry has some catching up to do if they want to compete with the likes of Apple and HTC. I, for one, will not be looking back when I move on from my Blackberry.

  19. I was a blackberry user for three years (until last month)but I was tired of the crappy multimedia capabilities on every Blackberry that was out and they weren’t really getting any better. So now I’m an Android user and I don’t plan on going back.

  20. @JeremyL Stats fail. Standard dev is inversely proportional to sample size. Post wasn’t even referring to std. deviation anyway rather deviation (error in statistical terms). This poll wasn’t for this site, as above it was several sites unrelated to Android.

  21. @Jon Sorry, you fail. Standard deviation is equal to the square root of the variance. While it’s true that a sample with a normal distribution would have a standard deviation close to 1, you can’t assume that here. Although calculating variance does consider the number surveyed, it doesn’t necessarily mean it has a normal distribution. For example: you have 10 numbers ranging from 10 to 100 with a mean of 50 versus 3 numbers ranging from 49 to 51 with a mean of 50. The latter will have a much lower variance (and stdev) because of a much lower spread. More numbers doesn’t equal lower deviation.

    Second, deviation is not synonymous with standard error (which is what error is in stat terms). In fact, the two are completely different because we use standard error to estimate standard deviation in a sample. It would be highly irresponsible to use the word deviation when talking about either margin of error or the standard error.

    I realize the poll wasn’t from this site, still doesn’t make the data any more valid.

  22. The poll seems to be in line with most comments on this article, and most BB users that I know personally, as well. I would take that into consideration before I discredit the results of the poll.

  23. And as I’ve said before, I’m a Droid owner and I love it (have had a few WinMo phones and an iPhone – this is by far the best OS IMO). All I’m saying is that you have to look objectively at these polls. I don’t want us (Android owners) to turn into what Apple fanboys are. I just think that when people use statistics to fit their ideas it shows a lack of objectiveness.
    As for @Medwa’s comment, unfortunately this is how most people view stats – they take what they see around them and apply it to the whole population. Personal experience makes absolutely no difference when it comes to statistics because it could vary so much. For example, if I’m a graphics art major and everyone loves Apple, I might assume (incorrectly) that Apple is the best. However, if I’m a statistics major and everyone loves Windows, I might assume (incorrectly again) that Windows is the best. Just an example, but it shows why taking a random sample from the entire population is so important. The results of this poll may or may not be accurate, but the parameters of the poll mean that the results are not applicable to the population as a whole.
    Unfortunately, polls like this are used all to often to prove one point or another. And even more often, people use their personal experience to apply to the entire population.

  24. I recently went from two Storm 2s to a Storm 2 and a Droid after trying Droid when first came out and taking it back. I now love it and use it more than the Storm.

  25. I am a owner of a curve, and I am just counting down the days to get my hands on a Droid. I hope Dan Hesse makes my day on the 24th of March. *keep fingers crossed for supersonic*
    RIM needs to step up to the plate or they are going to lose more BB users.

  26. I own a BB Bold, I am also one of the masses that will be switching to Android. I agree like somebody said, BB are great for business folks and such alike, but its not a “fun” phone. The app store has barely and free apps and all the apps cost an outrageous price. The browser is slow and not user friendly.

    I also dislike the fact that my battery overheats and the lagging. The trackball getting stuck sometimes too.

    The only plus side is the sound and video, the best I ever seen.

  27. I am a current BB Tour user with Verizon and I am switching to the Droid Incredible. I need a device for work and personal use. The BB is great for work but boring for personal use and the browser on the BB sucks big time! I know I will have to get used to the touch screen functions but I am ready for the challenge.

  28. If you have a blackberry and want to make the switch there is only 1 reason why you shouldn’t. You have Outlook Exchange Microsoft email needs. I in fact have two accounts and I can’t get them to sync with Push. I am using touchdown (blah) and I am going to ask my IT guy (God bless him if he can do it) to do it for me. Lame. Blackberry owns at email. ANDROID HELP!!! If i am not satisfied with what my IT guy can do I am going back to blackberry when the new Bold 9650 comes out to verizon. IT guys rule.

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