Verizon Nexus One Coming March 23rd?


If Neowin really does have an inside connection with a Google employee who really does know the release date of Verizon’s Nexus One then mark it on your calendar: March 23rd.


Directly from their site:

Verizon will introduce the Nexus One on the day the International CTIA wireless show begins in the US. It’s not yet clear whether Verizon plan to hold a press conference at CTIA regarding the launch. Pricing and tariffs are not yet known but our source said they would be “competitive.”

They say their source “wishes to remain anonymous”. I don’t blame them considering this probably isn’t information they were supposed to share. For Verizon customers who don’t need a physical keyboard… excited for the launch? I think this is going to attract a LOT of attention on Verizon although I doubt it will equal the excitement of the Droid launch, largely due to the huge marketing/promo campaign.

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  1. Real confused as to why Verizon would launch two seemingly identical phones (this and the Incredible) this spring. Seems like a waste of time/resources when you have to phones competing for customers. I guess the Incredible will have sense and will be sold thru Verizon rather than being sold directly thru Google…

  2. Loren, I think this is more of a “we officially support the nexus one on our network” and not a Come but the N1 only on verizon..I didnt explain that right but I think you get it.

  3. Still waiting for that N1 that will work with ATT 3G… Waiting… Waiting… Waiting…

  4. YAY!
    i wonder what the pricing will be…

  5. I still can’t understand why Google doesn’t put the Nexus One in stores. So many more people will buy the Incredible after seeing it and playing with it. It’s not like they are going to say, “yea, this Incredible phone is awesome!, but wait, let me take the phone that I hear is similar but I’ll have to guess on and pay for without ever even touching.”

  6. If it’s March 23rd that would be awesome.

  7. Any word if this phone will work overseas (GSM)? Is ANY Android based phone that will work on the GSM system coming to Verizon?

  8. It’s really gonna depend on whether they allow the use of New Every Two discount and family plans. Would generally prefer the N1 vs Incredible but just can’t justify losing the NE2 discount. So for me it will really depend on their sales strategy, what’s allowed for discounts and support.

  9. Nexus One for Sprint, please.

  10. It really does come down to how they organize the pricing plans. If they allow the N1 on family plans (which they didn’t for T-Mobile) and if NE2 is offered for it, and if it’s shown in stores – it will be a major hit. Otherwise, it’s going to FLOP.

    Google, don’t be retarded. People want your phone but you’re KILLING a huge market share by excluding people on family plans. PLEASE make it available with family share.

  11. I agree Dallas, somewhat perplexing…

  12. Wouldn’t VZ have to have plans that included purchased phones rather then just subsidies for this to work?

  13. I like the idea of getting a phone that doesn’t mean you directly have to go through Verizon for. Although, I wonder how I can use my upgrade for this?

  14. The Good Bad and Ugly.. VZN is still a “Copper Head” meaning that they understand “copper” to every home in America. Much like the Germans, they can build a network but LACKS the foresight in marketing. AT&T has learned to make VZN look like a 3rd world marketing company.

    I use the “Copper Heads” for the network but as AT&T gets there act together building a “working network” they will kill VZN.

    I am a Fios user and love the product and work very well until a “Copper Head” repair person shows up in my condo building and shuts the whole system down. They are totally running their service department as a “Chinese fire drill” So you good ole’ boys of the south. WAKE UP and bring in some “New Heads” that understand today’s world.

  15. ATT version passed FCC first. shouldnt be that hard to switch bands from t-mobile to ATT so why wouldnt it come out first?

  16. If you have to go through google’s distribution service, I wonder how that effects your plan if you currently get an employee discount?

  17. I would rather wait for the Incredible. You can actually test it in a store, the word on N1 already is 3G issues (maybe T-Mobile maybe Google) and IMO the N1 is the 2010 version of Beta tapes. Good product, no marketing….destined to fail.

  18. loving my Droid…but def hoping the nexus one comes to the big v soon

  19. @everyone talking as though they have magic eyes that can see the future…ummm ahhh guys is the phone out yet? Nope so how do u know what’s going down with it? Best to wait and see instead of throwing claims on something…that’s not even out…yet

  20. This is why verizon is holding out on the 2.1 update for the Droid. There gonna wait till the N1 come out then after enough sales of the N1 the Droid will get 2.1 update. BS.

  21. FRom what I hear, the only difference between the Nexus One and Incredible will be that the Incredible will have Sense and N1 wont. What I wonder is why, if both phones are made by HT, why wouldn’t Google want Sense on its phone as well?

  22. That explains why the Droid hasn’t received 2.1 yet….

  23. I’m getting the N1 instead of the Incredible because I don’t want Verizon screwing with my OS like you know they want to. And further, I don’t want any proprietary UI. I want android in the raw.

  24. Nick chop. However your using the interface you can decide if you want to have H.T.C.’s UI sense or not. Not just just the nexus one but any android. 2. Verizon doesn’t screw with your O.S. Android’s open. You buy it from them because you want the network that has service numb nuts.

  25. Verizon buyers (and others) beware. Maybe there will be the day that the Nexus One actually works.

    In other words, stays connected to 3G, doesn’t lose signal strength when the bottom is covered by holding it in you hand, stays connected to wi-fi, doesn’t lose voice signal and need the battery removed and reinstalled to work again (more here: http://s995.photobucket.com/albums/af78/mrbill03/N1-No%20Signal/ click the pictures to enlarge), doesn’t have fluctuating screen brightness, doesn’t have a pink/red tint when it takes pictures, has a touch screen that registers the touch where you actually touch it, and has blue-tooth that lets you voice dial and connects to your in-vehicle blue-tooth system (if you have one) just to name a few of the problems.

  26. @Gttap They…just might be holding out on the droid 2.1…until the N1 comes out however when the N1 comes out it may come out with 3.0 are 2.2…dont know if thats what you meant but-this is something that is very very likely….

  27. @jerry k.
    Um Verizon is CDMA and isn’t compatible with GSM. Good luck finding a phone that is both GSM and CDMA. But the current Nexus One through T-Mobile is GSM compatible and you can use it in Europe on a compatible GSM network.

  28. ABROWN wrote: Good luck finding a phone that is both GSM and CDMA.

    I’m confused by this comment. I have a Blackberry from Verizon that works fine in the US, Portugal, Germany and Russia. What am I missing here?

  29. @MartyB your BlackBerry (probably a Tour or a Storm?) comes with a SIM card pre-installed to act as a world phone. Yes, it’s CDMA, but will work with GSM carriers as well.

  30. RE: Tmobile Nexus One plan.
    Spoke to Google phone person, was told for Tmobile 500 min plan, it would cost $80/month for Nexus One. Forgot to ask if it included text messaging. Google said they will not offer family plan even though Tmobile person said yes. Not sure who to believe. According to Google, for discounted phone price you have to use one of two plans. Cheapest plan is 500 minutes which is $80 per person/per phone. NO FAMILY PLAN! I specifically asked if we had a family of four and wanted the phone. Since you have to buy individual it would cost $320/month for family of four. Make sure you fully understand what you are signing up for if you decide to get Nexus One.

    The above plan is Google and Tmobile. Not sure what plans will be available for Google and Verizon. I’m assuming it may be similar to Tmobile. Strongly suggest you speak to both companies before you buy the phone.

  31. Response about both Incredible and Nexus One…the incredible is exclusive to Vodafone if you look at the vodafone site.

  32. Yeah i seriously doubt it will launch march 23 considering that is this tuesday and we have yet to hear anything officially which has usually been published…. my guess is they will await the release until near may

  33. When it was released on t-mobile january 5th was the rumored date and was leaked about a month before. That was a monday so i wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a tuesday. Also it started off CES sop it will probably start off CTIA. I really think it will just pop up out of no were of verizon like it did on t-mobile on the 23rd. Also if it’s not released then I bet within the next two weeks it will be launched.

  34. I have a friend who works in the google department which is doing the Nexus One. Google is trying to make the cell phone system here similar to the one in the UK. You pay more money for a phone, less for the service and its a month to month payment (no contract). It works much better there, companies get money from selling phones and not over pricing services. Which is why its not going into stores b/c the Nexus One plans to be unlocked for all networks, they dont want a contract connected to the phone. I think its a great idea, sadly though it will take a LONG time for America to catch up so those who buy the Nexus will still be paying to much for services. I just hope it does catch up in corp. america.

  35. Ok, one Verizon is not releasing this phone. It is being offered by Google as a phone compatible with Verizon. Secondly, if Google refuses to let Verizon sell this phone, then why would they let Sense UI on their phone. This phone is not being released by HTC. This is a Google phone with HTC parts, not the usual way of HTC with Google power. I do not, and you should not expect Sense UI on the Verizon version.

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