Gowalla Android App Coming This Month!


gowallaBefore the end of February you’ll be able to grab the beta Gowalla Android Application from Android Market. For now, if you’re desperate to get going, TechCrunch has the details on how you can download the Beta .1 version of the socially empowering app (hint: download APK directly here or scan the barcode here).

Gowalla is in direct competition with Foursquare, and if you’re not familiar with that application, why not just check out a quick demo of the iPhone version below:

You could previously use Gowalla on Android through their mobile site but the native app is a nice surprise. Not only that but MG Siegler says the Android version is already better than the iPhone version for a few minor reasons – take that!

Are you a Gowalla user? How does it compare to Foursquare in your opinion?

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  1. I grabbed it, but either I’m an idiot or there’s not a way to create spots. My only options were signing in at pre-existing locations.

  2. I grabbed it too, I’m a Gowalla newb though. As Ryan said, there’s no clear way to add a spot.

  3. I wouldn’t want to buy an iPhone app from Sylar

  4. I’ve been using their web app for over a month now and find it very functional. I like the game of gowalla. I think gowalla tends to be more of a game than foursquare. Foursquare is more about having some friends and potentially linking up with them by checking in and the game part (points, mayorship, etc) is a bit tagged on and doesn’t have any real effect. Gowalla is more like virtual geocacheing and is game from the ground up.

  5. I got it today and am very impressed with it on my nexus yet the iPhone apparently seems better then atleast our beta .1

  6. Wow, call me an idiot (it’d be accurate) but that looks like the lamest “application” I’ve ever seen.
    Big need of a life-gettin’ right there.

  7. ditto jeffs comments. I was hoping I wasnt the only one that thought that this was a complete waste of time. Anyway, I’m gonna go back to playing mafia wars now. Oh wait, no im not. I dont do that either.

  8. I got the beta .apk There isn’t an option to add a spot on the app yet it looks like, but I know you can add one from the web interface. I added a place this weekend in my town. I’m sure they’ll add that feature in a more complete release. There are more places already tagged on gowalla than on foursquare, in my town at least.

  9. What passes for “cool” these days amazes me. Are there really THAT many junior high school students using smart phones now? Cheech.


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