2 Motorola Androids At CES?


cesThe Consumer Electronics Show is practically a week away, and although Google plans to steal the thunder, the rest of the tech world are trying to create their own hoopla. According to Global Equities Research Analyst Trip Chowdhry that may include announcing two Android Phones.

Emphasis on “may” here… especially since the company has a January 6th event with a keynote by Steve Ballmer. And uh… he is the CEO of Microsoft. And uh… Microsoft has that thing called Windows Mobile. But didn’t Motorola’s CEO pretty much declare Android their victor and WinMo dead in the water? Hmmm… weird.

In any case, if these 2 new phones ARE announced here is what Chowdhry thinks:

  • AT&T Android Phone with OLED screen and QWERTY keyboard. Google Experience Phone.
  • Verizon Wireless Android Phone with OLED screen, no keyboard.

You would think that Motorola, who has been so openly embracing of Android in the past 6 months, would want to do SOMETHING to support their mission at this crucial conference. We’ll find out soon enough!

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  1. Unless it’s Win Mo 7 … It won’t be a Win Mo phone

  2. “AT&T Android Phone with OLED screen and QWERTY keyboard. Google Experience Phone.”

    As in not the clamshell phone?

  3. Personally, I thought AT&T only sold one phone. Guess I’m wrong.

  4. Alright guys.. it’s a brand new article! You know what this means..
    whoever can comment up the most speculation before the next article WINS! On your mark.. gets set..

  5. It seems Moto should give Sprint, the other CDMA network, the next hardware. It shouldn’t be all that hard. Why move into GSM territory? Unless they want to squeak in front of the X10. Sprint Hero is nice and all but not really interested in it.

    Second, Why is Iphone allowing AT&T to even sell android phones? Just who has the exclusive? Seems like AT&T should have given up something to subsidize the iphone. If I were apple, I’d be ready to drop the ‘exclusive’.

    Of course, history repeats itself. Everyone knows how this will turn out. There is a reason why the intel platform dominates the computer segment. IBM allowed everyone to develope for its platform and apple made you pay them for the privilege for developing for them. iphone opened up design, the open market will take it and dominate. Well, I guess I digressed. sue me.

  6. i really hope that at the CES show the new “iphone 3gs w.g.a.f” with the Terabyte of memory is revealed. that would be nice.

  7. @treefq

    Motorola will probably give Verizon first dibbs on any CDMA Android phone due to how many Droid’s they moved for them. Sprint dropped the ball bad with the Pre. If it had been a Verizon exclusive from the start Palm would be in a lot better shape than they are now.

    I doubt at&t’s and apple’s exclusivity agreement says anything about what phones at&t can sell. usually those agreements just have to do with how much att pays for the phone and a quota on how many they have to move to keep it exclusive. even if it does their exclusivity runs out next year so it wont matter.

  8. Fingers crossed for a VZW keyboardless droid! I’m just hoping it comes out with world phone capabilities. When that comes out, I will buy it on the spot!

  9. A keyboardless any Android phone with a 1ghz processor the cool thing about the stood is 2.0 and the keyboard. Ir doesn’t have a special GUI its frickin stock. I’m sorry to come at you like that its. just a pet prevent of.mines

  10. @ontheFritz as far as I know, CDMA ie Verizon’s band is not provided in most countries. It’s a dead technology; most countries run GSM bands. AKA no world phones from Verizon/Sprint… read here:

  11. Yeah hopefully the big V which is number one….droidddd

  12. @Russell, The BB storm from verizon is a world phone, world phones have both cdma and gsm radios. research.

  13. Hope the keyboardless Droid is the Motorola XT800… quite nice… hopefully it comes soon… I’ve held off this far without getting a Droid…

  14. @Russell: Good point! Didn’t think about that. But the data transfer on GSM is way slower then on CDMA.

  15. I really want an htc andriod with sense ui for att!! I got my hopes up for the nexus but it seems that can only get on att without 3g :/

  16. “Verizon Wireless Android Phone with OLED screen, no keyboard” itsnt that called the Droid Eris except now it will be an OLED screen?

    And what is with some of you guys, it’s as if no one has heard of the Eris.

    and Verizon starts testing GSM and GSM models from many different manufacturers in March, infratstrucure is 70% in place TODAY througout the US, and we’ll see full GSM models and service by 4th Q 2010.

    What is going on here?

  17. One more thing – all this GSM/World/CDMA talk is moot, as Vodaphone already has an Eye-Fi like chip (16GB and 32GB currently) that is GSM T/R.

    So there.

  18. Also SenseUI is slated for release on the Droid and Droid Eris on or before Feb 1 – OTA. Guaranteed. Right along with Adobe Flash – already being pushed in small quantities TODAY, to Field Betas.

    Merry Christmas?

  19. Also, Motorola has for us Droid users available at all Verizon stores and Kiosks, the new tighter battery cover, yeah! One per deivce, and it’s FREE!

  20. “But didn’t Motorola’s CEO pretty much declare Android their victor and WinMo dead in the water?”

    Sanjay Jha pretty much beheaded all the infidels who were NOT working on Android. He preferred the android because it was FREE. “We’ll save BILLIONS!!!” Then 10,000 people were laid off. All the eggs are in one basket.

  21. @prowse – wrote: Also SenseUI is slated for release on the Droid and Droid Eris on or before Feb 1 – OTA. Guaranteed.

    Say what? SenseUI belongs to HTC. Why would they port it to Moto Droid? Who’s your source?

  22. @prowse – is english a second language for you? I read your posts multiple times, but they still didn’t make any sense. Also, I agree with Al_knows, there is no way SenseUI is coming to the Droid, since that is a custom UI over android made by HTC for HTC phones.

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