Haier H7 Android Phone For France In September


Lookie here… another Android Phone has popped up at CommunicAsia! Chinese electronics manufacturer Haier showcased their first Android Phone, the H7. The model on display was only a prototype so I wouldn’t write anything in stone just yet but it LOOKED pretty good.


Looks somewhat like a mix between the Galaxy and Magic with some Palm Pre plastic-glare thrown in for good measure if you ask me. The H7 has a 2.8″ TFT LCD Touchscreen, 2MP camera, MicroSD expansion slot, MiniUSB connectivity, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, FM Stereo and GPRS/GPS. Althought the company anticipates it will launch with Android 1.5 Cupcake, they didn’t rule out a Android 2.0 Donut launch if the platform was ready in time.

The Haier H7 is slated to launch in September for $150, available in France.

[Via Crave]

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  1. Wow that looks nice. I hope it comes to the US. Between this and the Samsung Galaxy, im loving the future of Android phones.

  2. Ist it rebranded HTC Magic ??

  3. That HAS to be a re-branded Magic. Right? The long, horizontal buttons, trackball, hint of a chin …

    Magic, right?

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