Samsung Bigfoot Picture! Dropping On T-Mobile SOON!


The T-Mobile Bigfoot has quite a backstory… evading our ability to draw a solid conclusion that ironically, allows it to live up to its Bigfoot billing. When it initially leaked it was given the name of G1 version 2 (Bigfoot) so everyone assumed it would be made by HTC. But then a WalMart document seemed to out it as the Motorola Morrison. Turns out it is probably the Samsung Bigfoot and now we’ve got a clear picture of the phone thanks to BGR!


UPDATE: A number of commenters, Emailers and whatever-elsers have chimed in calling BS, mainly due to the lack of hardware buttons that seem somewhat obligatory for Android handsets. Then again… they could always be added to this and/or they could be optical buttons? Hmmm…

Pretty sweet looking device although that neon green is pretty wacky! If the Samsung Bigfoot really does take the place of the HTC made G1, you’ll notice that it does away with the lower portion including the hardware buttons, trackball and chin in favor of a more full touchscreen look – even though the screen doesn’t extend end to end.

Rumored specs include:

  • 3 MP camera
  • 3″ capacitative AMOLED touch screen (yum-oled)

According to the BGR source it is launching soon… as in REALLY SOON. That is pretty darn good news for every Android fan on the planet. Although two things make me REALLY, REALLY curious:

  1. Why isn’t HTC making this device?
  2. What name will this phone be given? (Samsung Bigfoot? T-Mobile G1 version 2? T-Mobile G2? T-Mobile G1 Bigfoot? Etc…)

Your turn… chime in!

Rob Jackson
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  1. Who cares if HTC is NOT making the next Android mobile.
    Samsung seems to release more Mobiles annually than HTC, even though HTC is just a Mobile company.

    Samsungs version may blow HTC out of the water.

  2. The screen should definitely be larger since they got away with the hardware button…

    how do you access menu without the menu button??

  3. Aren’t at least 4 hardware buttons required to run android? This isnt an android phone…

  4. also, the phone looks nice, but i doubt it is coming out that soon seeing as we have only seen one picture of the device, and it isn’t a real picture, just a render. No FCC docs etc, which we have seen from the mytouch and i7500.

  5. I love new android devices, but many of them seem to have smaller screens (the AT&T HTC phone is smaller as well). I’m not a fan of this trend as I think the 3.2″ screen on my Magic is right on the edge of “too small” anyway.

  6. noooooooooooooo
    this is not what i need right now ok
    ive been waiting 4 an android phone like 6 months now

    and wenever a phone that ive been waiting 4 for a very long time is always here a rumor of another great one comes along
    fuck this phone is fuckintabulos

  7. oh and bryan i think those under the screen u know green r 3
    maybe the fourth is in that big black area
    im sure they are going to use it

    still thers a possibility its not and if it not being an android phone and if ur right im gonna hate u sorry

  8. Hey Rob you missed out one thing, which may or may not relate to this article, but samsung is hosting an unpacking event in the UK on june the 15th (not sure of date in USA but just check the samsung site unpacking site).

    I reckon this is why its believed the phone is due very soon, how ever the page has an “x-ray” of the phone and im not convinced it is the phone shown in is this post.

    What do you reckon? The phone shown above, the bigfoot but not this phone a different device or even the i7500?


  9. Looks like a joystick. So four buttons would be up, down, left, right and click down for menu.

    But its alright. I like the HTC Hero best so far though.

  10. Uhm, am I missing something here?! It doesn’t look like the Samsung Bigfoot as published here: http://phandroid.com/2009/05/11/android-20-donut-samsung-bigfoot-samsung-spica-and-more-rumors/

    Like, at all. Confusion?!

  11. Still can’t shake me away from the MyTouch.

  12. ug-lee.
    And here they are making the same mistake HTC made with the T-Mobile Wing. The number keys should NEVER be alternates of letter keys on a phone, especially a smartphone. Excel anyone? Calculator? Spreadsheets? DIALING? On the off-chance the green areas aren’t labels, but actual buttons, that’s worse, as those wouldn’t be finger-friendly keys.

  13. Every Android fan on the planet??? How about a CDMA Android phone for us Sprint/Verizon subscribers? So far the only Android phones are GSM…

    This one looks a lot like the HTC Lancaster… wouldn’t make sense for HTC to make two phones that are nearly identical…

  14. Personally I really welcome samsung to the android world because they may not have the best looking hand sets they make very well built ones I’ve had a few different ones through out the years and they took one hell of a beating.
    @Jason D I agree that it is nice to have the #’s on there own row but they really aren’t that hard to use when like this and also on all the phones that I’ve used with keyboards like this when you go into fields that normally require #’s rather then letters it automatically changes to them.

    Also to me it appears that there may be buttons along the bottom of the phone or I do like the idea of the optical bottons!

  15. Perhaps it’s what this site is all about? the Samsung Xray?


    Maybe not. But that’s all “top secret” and launching in a couple of days..

  16. well jonathan i guess were 9 hours away from finding out
    im keeping my fingers crossed

  17. am i the only one that
    1-is cheking this page twice a day for any updates
    2- has the phone as a desktop
    3- kiss the phone every night before he sleeps wishing it would be an android device
    4-hating noah from phonedog .com cause he is saying it isnt

  18. I was going to get a MyTOuch but now I may wait for this. Maybe since I will sleep on it and do some research over the weekend.

  19. it wont be called the g1 bigfoot or the g2 since samsung didnt make the g1 they cant call it the g2 or g1 bigfoot it will probally be called samsung-bigfoot….Google made the g1!!

  20. bigfoot isnt real you all are wasting your lifes!

  21. Well I can’t wait to get one of these myself, personally.

  22. Has anyone heard an update when this phone will be released? Seems like a nice phone and hopefully it will be an improvement over the CLiQ

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