Video Tutorial: Creating An Android Application Icon

Last week Google posted Android Icon Guidelines to help developers keep icons in their apps consistent with the format of Google’s own Android UI. As we all know, the little things often make a huge difference in creating a finished and polished feel that often equates to a more enjoyable user experience. App developers and consumers alike should have an inherent interest.

I hit up Gary Simon, my good friend and design extraordinaire, to record a video tutorial showing how the magic is worked. Check out the video below, and if you’re an aspiring designer who enjoys this type of direction, check out his new site dedicated to Design Video Tutorials at

He took the Plain Jane Phandroid News logo:


And turned it into this:


… In less than 20 minutes. Tell me that won’t look a HECK of a lot sicker on your Android Home Screen!

Speaking of which… a LOT of you have been asking when/if we’ll be updating our Phandroid News App. Stay tuned… that along with a BUNCH of other exciting new developments are on the way! If you aren’t yet, now would be a good time to subscribe to our RSS feed!

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  • Gary Simon

    Sorry for the audio screw ups ;)

  • Rob Jackson

    I hit up Dr. Dre, my good friend and audio extraordinaire, to fix the audio screw ups left behind my Gary Simon… sike ;)

  • Rob

    Lawl. I c wot u did thar.

  • Kelsen

    fantastic! thanks :)

  • covada

    You could use the new logo as favicon for this website. I like it a lot.

  • afro

    That is a great icon for the app, will you guys update it?

  • Ognjen

    Great man, thanks! That realy helped me.

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  • RM

    Thanks Gary, great tutorial. :)

  • monn3t

    First off, thanks Awsome!!!
    Second of I am convinced, and Seriously considering taking classes at


  • gabe

    Thanks for posting this. I’ve just started diggin in and desiging an icon and it seems like something has changed. am i just on the wrong developer page or has the info 3:30 into your video changed. the “rounded corners” and the 3d perspective don’t seem to be on this page… any ideas?

  • Daniel Wind

    Thanks for this post. It’s pretty cool the entire workflow…

  • Android Phone Tips

    wew…its long video duration, but its nice topic.