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Android Phones. Perhaps even more than an abundance of killer Android applications, people want Android Phones. For the most part, folks are looking to the future to learn about what NEW handsets will come out sporting Android. But others, like the guys on XDA Developers, are successfully putting Android on existing handsets.

Now showing, Android on the HTC Touch:

This video shows a lot of Android’s nooks and crannies on the HTC Touch and it all seems to work rather flawlessly. Perhaps even better, they put together a little guide for HTC Touich owners to do it themselves… and if you screw up, restoring to your original phone’s lowly WinMo settings isn’t too difficult. Or so they say… as always, don’t blame us if they’re proved otherwise!

[Via EngadgetMobile]

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  1. Um, since when does Android have a virtual keyboard?

  2. exactly what I was about to ask.

  3. I’ve been following the progress of Android on the HTC Touch Diamond (the phone I use) ’cause I HAET WinMo and apparently the port in the video above, for the HTC Vogue, is not as stable as it appears. You can’t use App’s that aren’t in the basic stack. According to the dev’s on the website it’s apparently not that hard to add on a virtual keyboard. I’m just really pissed off that Google aren’t providing support to get Android onto any handsets other than the G1. I’d say they are in fact deliberately hindering it by not adding on a virtual keyboard, since some regular people have shown it to be relatively simple coding.

  4. There is an app available in the market that allows a virtual keyboard to be used for google searching.
    I believe it is only usable for google searching and nothing else at the moment atleast.

  5. The app in the market is QSearch and it allows you to use its virtual keyboard to search Youtube, Google, Maps, Dictionary, Amazon, and go to any URL you would want. It is adding new features with each upgrade.

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