Motorola Android Team: 350 People!


An Android Developer was recently approached by a Motorola headhunter and apparently, the company is growing its Android team from 50 to 350! We already know that the struggling handset maker was making a pretty big play on Android but a 350 person team is substantial.

It seems that Motorola will be coming out with multiple Android handsets… with 350 people working on a customized Android OS they wouldn’t invest so much time, money and resources on a one-and-done deal. Afterall, with each additional handset using that same platform, the cost savings increases. Its open source, its free and once its done… its done.

The TechCrunch article also notes that the same Android Developer saw representatives from both Nokia and Verizon at recent Android Developer events. Very interesting considering Nokia owns Symbian and Verizon has been anything but accepting of Google’s mobile strategy.

It looks like this Android thing is finally gaining some traction. Hopefully, Motorola’s first huge consumer hit since the RAZR will be based on Android. If they’re spending all that time slapping Android on a RAZR then the entire division DESERVES to be sold (as has been rumored in the past).

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  1. Actually, putting Android on Razr would probably be one of the best decisions they’ve made lately. Razrs are already dirt cheap, and they’re still trendy with kids from what I’ve seen.

    But I agree it would definitely be huge waste if that’s *all* they did with that big team.

  2. No, No, No!
    We don’t need Razrs anymore!
    I hate Razr and even i like Razr2 i’ll never forgive to Motorola Razr3 :(

    As for me, the best solution for Android Phone is Ming-Like design: touchscreen+glass flip

  3. By the way, there are some android-porting projects for Razr/Rokr phones…

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