HTC Dream Live Pics!


When it rains, it pours and the most recent news of Android news monsooning our way is a bunch (8) of live pictures of the HTC Dream! We have no reason to believe these aren’t 100% authentic… they are exactly what we’ve been hearing and seeing as to the upcoming HTC Dream, T-Mobile G1, etc…

We have chosen to ignore that this isn’t the sexiest phone on the planet. There are many more that we would choose over the Dream based on purely looks. But cmon folks, grow up. Its whats on the INSIDE that counts. You know… “she has a really nice personality.”

Keep in mind that what will make this device so epic is the applications, folks. Afterall, thats the idea of Android. But we’ll stop babbling and show youi the goods:

[Via Engadget]

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  1. Personally, I love the way it looks. And it’ll certainly look sleeker in black. To be honest, I’ve always been one for simple symmetry and the Touch Pro didn’t tickle my fancy too much.

    Getting past its “grow on you” looks, however, it’s practically everything I’ve ever wanted from a phone. Large touch-screen, concealed QWERTY keyboard, and an OS that can run apps that I write- perfect. While the white version may indeed be “passable”, the black version is the definition of form with function.

    My thoughts, anyways. Seeing it’s a real, physical phone is still very exciting.

  2. wow. i CAN’T WAIT! im so excited now…
    ;_; august rocks.

  3. Does it have a freakin camera??????

  4. I am just wondering how long it will take for this to come out in Australia? I am currently tossing up getting an iphone but would prefer to wait for this…. however if it is going to take over a year I might as well just go with the iphone and wait for v2 of the android devices.

  5. Just “woke up” and went digging into tech news because TMo phones suck and I need to upgrade. Only been reading about this phone all over the web since Friday (hey, I’m a busy mom-geek–I totally missed the Android announce!). I also love the design, simple and clean. I don’t have a problem with the “chin” — means good ergonomics and hope the tilt will mean the same (hey, i’m old and my physiatrist just cured my carple tunnel!). Love the keyboard option built for real hands. Best of all, looking forward to Android. Promises a real reason to lay my lifedrive to rest (I need that big screen). And yes, it’ll have a 3 MP camera, but no flash. Features are great, not amazing, but I’ll take them. ;^D

  6. only 2 words for it…..FUCK UGLY!! Did HTC fire it’s designing team after Diamond….. Give me android running on Touch Pro…. what is this, A child’s toy!…. this will be a disastrous debut for android….. Now i understand why HTC said at the Diamond’s launch that it was their most important device for ’08. It’s not going to be an iPhone killer…. this is plain suicude.

  7. It actually doesn’t look that bad. I’ve seen comments on other sites complaining how “ugly” it is, but I don’t agree with that sentiment and I’m pretty impressed. I have a feeling that the black version will look more sexy- and that’s the color I plan on picking it up in.

    I can’t wait for the G1 to be released!

  8. This is an ugly phone, its like a sidekick missing a side when your getting ready to txt. But one thing i can say is this screen ROCKS

  9. Looks pretty good. Not as shiny as Diamond but a decent first release. I’m way more concerned with the OS and apps than this phone anyway because I’m not getting the Tmo one anyway. If the OS is good and the apps are plentiful, it won’t matter much what the first device looks like anyway.

  10. I think it looks alright, if a little Tomi. If you youtube “HTC Dream” someone has uploaded some crappy footage of them playing around with it. The ‘snap’ of the slide looks nice and firm. I wonder what the brown’ll look like.

  11. I like the way it looks as well very simple but super functional. 3 megapixel camera right?

  12. I dont know what they are talking about, I think this phone is VERY sexy.

    As soon as I saw the pics I got shivers running down my back and I started gawking and.

  13. I think it looks great – certainly better than the stuff I looked at when I was at the phone store this weekend. Glad I decided to wait and buy an Android phone – can’t wait!

  14. This phone is going to be AMAZING!!!!! The things that we will be able to develop with this open platform are going to awesome!!!!! And, to make it even better, t-mobile is fantastic!!!

  15. I think the look of it sucks. I expect something more cooler than that. If T-Mobile is going to release it, I will be very disappointed. Waiting for it like a year, and what is? Looks like it was made 15 years ago.
    This is something better looking—>:
    if they combined that design with the keyboard, it would rule the world.
    Anyway, t-mobile will loose another % of customers if a design of the phone sucks.

    Ps: Android Rulez.

  16. yes it does have a camera and yes it does run android
    who effin cares if its ugly
    the thing is a 3g phone with a touch screen and swivel qwerty board what more could you possibly want??

    o and the black version looks 1,000,000,000,000 x better than the white version anyway…

  17. ugly. Disappointed. Don’t want a qwerty keyboard if touch keyboard available. Let’s see the reality.

  18. Eeeeh not sure I like it all to much, looks like a giant toy. Y not the htc touch pro? sigh…

  19. Today, HTC released three new “Touch” phones – very good looking but running Windows. I just hope the design of the new Android phone can keep up with these beauties. What I have seen so far (above pictures) is *really* bad. Looks like a working horse you see and forget seconds later. You may be right, it’s also the inside and functionality that counts – but in todays market phones are also part of ones lifestyle and the iPhone won many just by how it looks and feels. So c’mon HTC and give us a Touch HD with Android!

  20. What’s the point of a querty keyboard and a track-ball on a phone with a touch-screen (unless the touch-screen control is cr@p – which it looks like from the demos). What a total brick – what else could they glue to it besides a keyboard – maybe a rotary dial for dialing phone numbers?. I’m surprised it doesn’t have a built-in key-chain, sunglass pocket, tissue dispenser, and a fluffy pad glued to the back to polish your shoes with. Thing is a joke.

  21. the phone is ugly. In the day of design they could have done better. I have an iPhone and I ordered one. Still it is ugly.

  22. this his for wings how you put the g1 on a site yall need a beef neck

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