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Best VPN Service » mSpy Review 2024: Is This Parental Control App Any Good?

mSpy Review 2024: Is This Parental Control App Any Good?

In the rapidly evolving landscape of parental control apps, mSpy stands out as a surveillance-focused application rather than a comprehensive parental control tool. This review delves into the features, functionality, and overall effectiveness of mSpy in the realm of safeguarding children’s online activities.

Overview of mSpy:

  • Rating: 8.2 (Good)
  • Ranked: 6th out of 23 parental controls
  • Website: mspy.com

Expert Summary: mSpy, while offering some parental control features such as web filtering and location tracking, leans more towards surveillance. Notable parental control functionalities like screen time and app usage limits are notably absent. However, mSpy excels in powerful surveillance features, including monitoring messaging apps and emails, operating in Stealth Mode, and more.

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  • Comprehensive messaging app monitoring.
  • Email monitoring feature.
  • Stealth Mode for discreet monitoring.
  • Intuitive dashboard accessible through the website.


  • Lacks advanced parental control features like screen time limits.
  • Rooting or jailbreaking required for full feature access.
  • Relatively high pricing with limited device coverage.
  • No free plan, trial period, or money-back guarantee.


  1. Web and App Filtering: Yes (Limited to blacklisting specific websites)
  2. Time Limits: No
  3. Location Tracking: Yes
  4. Starting Price: ฿290
  5. Supported Operating Systems: iOS, Android
  6. Number of Devices: 1–3
  7. Free Plan: No
  8. Money-Back Guarantee: No

In-Depth Review: mSpy positions itself as more of a surveillance tool than a parental control app. It lacks essential parental control features, making it less suitable for managing device usage. The need for rooting or jailbreaking to unlock all features poses a challenge, potentially compromising device security.

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Key Observations:

  1. Web and App Filtering: mSpy allows blacklisting specific websites but lacks the ability to filter websites by category.
  2. Location Tracking: Effective location tracking to monitor a child’s whereabouts.
  3. Activity Reports: Provides comprehensive reports on device usage, including messaging and calls.
  4. Social Media Monitoring: Impressive coverage of social media apps, but limitations on iOS.

Comparison with Other Parental Control Apps:

  • mSpy ranks 6th out of 23 parental controls.
  • Notable absence of advanced features like website category filtering, schedules, and device usage limits.
  • Pricing is relatively high for coverage limited to 1-3 devices.

mSpy caters more to parents with serious surveillance needs than those seeking comprehensive parental control. Its limitations in advanced features, high pricing, and the necessity of rooting or jailbreaking may discourage users looking for a well-rounded solution. Alternatives like Qustodio or Bark offer robust parental controls without the need for device compromise.

Note: This review is based on information available as of December 30, 2023, and user discretion is advised before making any decisions.

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End Note: Parental control apps play a crucial role in ensuring a safe digital environment for children. While mSpy excels in certain surveillance aspects, its limitations and focus on extensive monitoring may not align with the broader needs of parents seeking a comprehensive and user-friendly solution.

Calls & SMS Monitoring: mSpy’s robust call and SMS monitoring feature allows parents to keep a close eye on their child’s communications. This includes monitoring calls, text messages, and even images sent/received on both Android and iOS devices. While mSpy excels in this area compared to some top parental control apps, such as Net Nanny and Norton Family, it falls short when compared to Qustodio. Unlike Qustodio, mSpy lacks the ability to take actions beyond surveillance, like creating blacklists or whitelists for calls and texts.

Location Tracking: mSpy’s location tracking is effective, providing accurate information on the whereabouts of an Android device. The location timeline feature allows parents to review recent locations, ensuring their child is where they should be. The geofencing feature is a standout, allowing the setup of unlimited “allowed” or “restricted” areas on the map. If the child enters or leaves these zones, the parent receives an alert. However, it’s worth noting that location monitoring is not available for iOS devices, a drawback when compared to some competitors like Norton Family.

Web Filtering & Supervision: mSpy’s web filtering is basic, limited to a website blacklist available only for Android. It lacks a mature content filter, and parents must manually input each website they want to block. This stands in contrast to other parental control apps like Qustodio and Norton Family, which offer broader content category blocking. However, mSpy compensates for its web filtering limitations with various web supervision features applicable to both Android and iOS. Parents can track browsing history, block specific Wi-Fi networks, and view bookmarked websites. A unique feature is the ability to read all of a child’s emails, exclusive to Android.

Conclusion: While mSpy excels in monitoring social media apps and provides strong surveillance capabilities, its limitations in web filtering and the absence of location tracking for iOS devices may impact its suitability for comprehensive parental control. Parents seeking an all-encompassing solution with robust features for call and SMS monitoring, location tracking on both platforms, and advanced web filtering may find alternatives like Qustodio more fitting. It’s essential to weigh the priorities of social media monitoring against the broader spectrum of parental control needs before opting for mSpy.

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Keylogger & Screen Recorder: mSpy’s keylogger and screen recorder features provide additional avenues for monitoring a child’s chats and phone usage on Android devices. The screen recorder captures screenshots whenever there’s a change in an app, limited to specific apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and Telegram. The keylogger, not confined to specific apps, records all input on the device, allowing parents to track everything typed by their child. The keylogger includes an alert system for specific words or phrases, offering a proactive approach to potential issues. While mSpy’s keyword alert feature provides finer controls compared to some competitors like Bark, the utility of the keylogger and screen recorder remains somewhat unclear, especially considering the overlap with existing app monitoring, SMS monitoring, and web supervision features.

Activity Reports: mSpy’s web app home page and dashboard, designed to provide a centralized view of a child’s recent activities, receive criticism for their lack of actionable information and suboptimal presentation. The graph displaying “Target Device Activity” lacks specificity, and color coding choices contribute to confusion rather than clarity. The dashboard’s overall design falls short when compared to more concise and informative activity reports offered by other parental control apps like Qustodio. The cluttered presentation and lack of detailed insights make it challenging for parents to assess critical information at a glance.

Additional Features: mSpy includes some additional features beyond its core monitoring capabilities:

  • Access Multimedia Files: Allows parents to browse photos and videos stored on the child’s Android phone.
  • Stealth Mode: Enables discreet monitoring without the child’s knowledge, creating no app icon, alerts, or notifications. However, if certain apps or websites are blocked, the child may suspect monitoring.

mSpy Plans & Pricing: Navigating mSpy’s plans and pricing structure can be challenging due to limited clarity on the website. The available plans include:

  • mSpy Premium: Covers 1 device with features like call & SMS monitoring, social media tracking, GPS location, web filtering, keylogger, and more.
  • mSpy Family Kit: Similar to Premium but covers 3 devices.
  • mSpy iOS Ultimate Kit: Offers additional features like call recording on iOS, remote camera access, and remote microphone access.
  • mSpy Android Extreme: Provides enhanced features for Android devices, including screen recording and remote access to the camera and microphone.

Pricing varies based on the subscription length, with options for 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month plans. mSpy’s plans are comparatively expensive, and the absence of a free trial or money-back guarantee raises concerns. The refund policy is strict, allowing refunds only for technical problems that support cannot resolve. mSpy’s pricing structure contrasts with competitors like Qustodio and Norton Family, which offer more extensive coverage for multiple devices at competitive prices.

In summary, mSpy’s pricing model, lack of trial options, and website organization contribute to a less favorable impression. Parents exploring comprehensive and cost-effective solutions may find alternatives with clearer offerings and more flexible plans.

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