T-Mobile G2

Last updated: Oct 14th, 2010.

The T-Mobile G2 came as the successor to the G1, the worlds very first Android phone. The G Series has come a long way since then, but has retained one major element: a stock Android experience that forgoes any manufacturer customizations to the user interface. It would be easy to think HTC, the manufacturer of the G2, might place their Sense UI on the G2 -- it was present on the international version of the phone, known as the Desire Z -- but here it is entirely absent.

The T-Mobile G2 sports an 800 MHz CPU, 3.7-inch display, and slide-out QWERTY keyboard, but don't get fooled into thinking this is simply a mid-range handset. The Qualcomm MSM 7230 chipset can hang with most others clocked at 1GHz, and the bloat-free version of Android means no excess to slow the G2 down. 

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T-Mobile posts up minor updates for myTouch 3G Slide and G2

HTC and T-Mobile are touching up the pain on a few older models with the release of new software updates for the T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide and T-Mobile G2. The updates don’t come with a change in Android version, but they do move the needle on the software versions. The myTouch3G Slide moves up to …

Download T-Mobile’s Official Android 2.3.4 SD Card Update For the G2

atlp99 over on XDA was able to get a hold of the official Android 2.3.4 update for the G2 straight from those SD cards HTC sent out to T-Mobile stores to manually update customers. If human interaction makes you nervous or you’re simply too busy this weekend to drop by a store you can get …

T-Mobile G2 and MyTouch 4G In-Store Gingerbread Updates Begin August 6th

If you haven’t been able to pull down the Gingerbread update for your T-Mobile G2 and MyTouch 4G, T-Mobile’s not going to leave you waiting in the dark. Nope, instead they’ll soon be allowing you to get your updates over-the-wire in-store. It’s a bit of an inconvenience, sure, but if you’ve gotten sick of all …

T-Mobile G2 Users Experiencing Abnormal Battery Drain

We’ve gotten more than enough emails in our inbox to sit down and report this one. Apparently, starting on Tuesday, the T-Mobile G2 has been giving users plenty of trouble in the battery department. Some users have reported full depletion after six hours of use. Some will go to bed at night and take their …

T-Mobile G2 Finally Gets Its Gingerbread Update

T-Mobile promised it’d be here “very soon”, and here we are – the T-Mobile G2 has gotten its Android 2.3 upgrade. It’s going out over the air over the coming weeks so don’t fret if you aren’t in the first wave. It also wouldn’t hurt to do a manual check and see if you get …

HTC Providing T-Mobile Stores With SD Cards To Update Handsets

This is different. TMo News came across this internal memo from T-Mobile informing stores that they will begin receiving SD cards from HTC for use when updating customers’ devices. Apparently, some customers will receive a text message to come into a T-Mobile location where a sales rep will update their device to the latest software …

Official Gingerbread Build for T-Mobile G2 Leaks

Still waiting on Gingerbread for your G2 from T-Mobile? If you’d rather take your chances on what appears to be a leaked build of the update posted on T-Mobile’s community, you probably won’t have to wait much longer. It’s said that this update is the same one that was appearing on some refurbished G2s, so …

Hulu Plus Comes to Four New Android Phones

Netflix’s recent plan changes have you bummed? The folks at Hulu, instead of increasing prices, are adding devices. Yes, that rhyme was awesome. Today, four new Android devices were added to the stable of Hulu Plus-capable players. These include the HTC EVO 4G, the T-Mobile G2, The T-Mobile MyTouch 4G and the HTC Thunderbolt. All …