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Best Sweepstakes Casinos / Promo Code Bonus Code 2023: Claim 25$ No Deposit + 250k GC and 5% Rakeback

Hot Sweeps Offer

Use our Exclusive Promo Code BONUSDROID to redeem this awesome offer!

Social Casino + Sweepstakes! Social Casino
Bonus Details:
Requirements (WR):
3x Deposit Social Casino Bonus
$25 No Deposit + 250,000 Gold Coins + 5% Rakeback
Real Money Prizes
Redeem for Gift cards, Crypto Currency, Merchandise
Promo Code
Go to Social Casino
T&Cs apply, 18+
Payment Methods Social Casino Facts
Social Currency:
Gold Coins
1 USD = 10 GC
Redeemable Currency:
Stake Cash
1 SC = 1 USD
$20 = 200,000 GC (+ 20.2 Free SC)
$50 = 500,000 GC (+ 50.5 Free SC)
$100 = 1,000,000 GC (+ 101 Free SC)
$200 = 2,000,000 GC (+ 203 Free SC)
$300 = 3,000,000 GC (+ 306 Free SC)
$30 = 300,000 GC
Cashout available:
Real Money Prizes:
Gift cards, Crypto Currency, Merchandise
Software Providers:
Hacksaw Gaming
Pragmatic Play
Stake Originals
Kalamba Games
Show More
Daily Rewards:
Daily Social Casino Challenge, Daily Bonus Drops, Daily Race
VIP Program:
Number of Slots:
Show More is a popular social casino in the US that lets you experience the fun of being in a real-life casino – all on your mobile device. It gives the excitement of going to a casino – without the risks. sweepstake casino bonuses, exclusive to us! Use the code BONUSDROID to enjoy $25 No Deposit, 250,000 Gold Coins, and 5% Rakeback when signing up. Stick around to the end as we explore the various bonuses and possible real-life prizes available.

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Payment Methods
Accepts Customers from
Show StatesAL, AK, AZ, AR, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA, HI, IL, IN, IA, KS, LA, ME, MD, MA, MN, MS, MO, MT, NE, NH, NJ, NM, NC, ND, OH, OK, OR, PA, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VT, VA, WV, WI, WY
Show StatesAL, AK, AZ, AR, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA, HI, IL, IN, IA, KS, LA, ME, MD, MA, MN, MS, MO, MT, NE, NH, NJ, NM, NC, ND, OH, OK, OR, PA, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VT, VA, WV, WI, WY
Sweepsteaks Limited, Medium Rare N.V.
Available Languages
Customer Support
Live Chat, Email Support
Overall Rating
  • Bonus Offer
  • Bonus Wagering
  • Bonus Withdrawal
  • Rewards & Loyalty Program
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Last Updated on 25/08/2023

Introduction to bonus offers

Naturally, social casinos offer bonuses in the hopes of catching the eye of players and bringing them to their platform.

Most players consider these offers when choosing which casino to play. This review shows that’ bonuses are among the best in town. These offers differ according to rank and level. We’ll cover these and more in the rest of this article.

How to use the bonus bonus offers are many. It is important to always check the terms and conditions to know whether you are eligible and when certain offers are expired, as this can happen with very little warning.

The sweepstakes casino bonus includes virtual money, which you’ll use to play their exciting games. The bonus is worth 10,000 Gold Coins and $30 Stake Cash. The fantastic part about this bonus is that it runs monthly, so you don’t run out of virtual currencies to play with.

Applying BONUSDROID as the bonus code during registration will grant you a 5% rakeback on losses you incur when you start playing on

Also, verifying your account within 24 hours of signing up gives you an extra bonus of 250,000 Gold Coins and $25 Stake Cash. As such, you might think twice about waiting to verify your account.

Furthermore, as a new member, you are entitled to a no-deposit bonus which you can also claim using the promo code BONUSDROID. The promo code is a no-deposit bonus that gives free credit and is great for funding your account instantly without a deposit.

Other sweepstake casino bonuses you can claim come most from their promotions. Paying attention to their social media platforms will let you discover these promotions and times to participate in and get Gold Coins and Stake Cash.

Unlike other social casinos, bonuses do not include free spins and sweeps coins.

How to get real money from

Since it’s a social casino, does not allow you to place your stakes using real money. However, there is the potential to get real-life prizes.

Two modes are available to play with sweepstakes – the Standard Mode and the Promotional mode. You can only use Gold Coins while playing in Standard Mode. The Standard Mode is best for practice and devising strategies because you can easily buy Gold Coins if you run out of them.

On the other hand, the Promotional Mode uses only Stake Cash. You become eligible for a real-life prize when you make sufficient wins in this mode.

You can redeem your prize via gift cards and some other packages. Remember that terms and conditions do change. So it’s important to check the most recent terms on’ site before claiming bonus offers you may be qualified for.

Step-by-step guide on how to activate your bonus

The first step you have to take to enjoy sweepstake casino bonuses is to register on their platform.

Simply visit and click on Register. You will be asked to provide your full name, address, username, and password. Your address will be verified before you can proceed. Use our promo code BONUSDROID to get a no-deposit bonus as a new user.

Before registering, ensure you have your government-issued ID ready for verification. verifications can take 24 hours or less to complete. Doing this on the day you register will make you eligible for the generous bonus of 250,000 Gold Coins and $25 Stake Cash.

To get your daily login bonuses, you only need to log into the platform via To simplify things, you can save the site to your homepage to easily click on it rather than type out the web address on a search bar.

Top 5 expert tips to take advantage of Bonus Offers

To get the most out of bonuses, here are our five tips that we believe will help:

Read the terms and conditions

Always read the terms and conditions for any bonus you get. Doing this will help you know important details, especially about usage and expiration.

Develop a good strategy

Some players rely on finding good strategies for winning the games because of generous sweepstake casino bonuses. Besides the reverse being the case, actively encourages players to employ tact and skill in their stakes. That is why they offer prizes for wins, which can translate to actual cash or be used to purchase real-life objects via gift cards.

Also, remember that Stake Cash cannot be bought and that it’s only by winning stakes placed with Stake Cash that you can become eligible for prizes. So, developing a good strategy for the games will yield fruits you can physically handle.

Generally, there are two kinds of players – those who aim for consistent wins and those who aim for a large haul. Though it gives a higher sense of fulfillment when higher amounts are won, aiming for small, consistent wins might serve you better if your eye is on the prize. Consistent wins place you at a higher advantage for getting improved sweepstake casino bonuses and famed prizes than occasional big wins.

The best way to devise a strategy that works for you is to learn the perks of the games in Standard Mode. That way, you can take your experiences from playing in the Standard Mode into the Promotional Mode and make meaningful wins.

Always remember that you can buy Gold Coins but not Stake Cash.

Keep a diary of wagering requirements

With so many surprise promotions available, it is essential to keep track of wagering requirements on You will be able to know when you are eligible for a prize or use this diary as a tool to configure when one might be next coming up.

Some bonuses may have certain requirements, which can get you a prize when met. Keeping a diary of these requirements would help you recognize times to up your game so you meet a particular requirement. It will also aid you in drafting your strategy.

Be patient

Sure, you might have gotten hooked on because there is the potential to win prizes that could translate to real money. However, that should not be the first thing on our minds. is a platform that lets you feel like a traditional online casino with a legal US license. The platform is meant to be enjoyed and makes for a fantastic activity when you are less busy or bored.

Take your time and enjoy the game. While waiting to be eligible for prizes, celebrate your little wins and use your sweepstake casino bonuses.

Play as you would in a real casino. But at the end of the day, remember it’s just a game and that it’s all just for fun.

Participate in the community

There are privileges you can get from actively participating in the community.

As a newbie, it will give you ample access to the information you would have taken some time to figure out, including some conditions and tips on how to get some bonuses you might have missed. You’ll also get to make friends and learn a thing or two from the masters, whose experiences you can use to your advantage.

Frequently asked questions about the bonus

1. How do I get free money on

After registering on and verifying your account within 24 hours, you are eligible for “Free Money.” To claim it, simply click on the Free Money tab on the site. There, you’ll find a list of daily promotions and bonuses you can use in playing on

2. How do I get $1 a day on

Every day that you log in, you get a bonus of Gold Coins and Stake Cash. One Stake Cash equals $1, which is how you get $1 daily by logging in.

3. How can I get more Stake Cash?

Though you cannot purchase Stake Cash, there are some select ways you can get them.

It is commonplace for to give players Stake Cash as a sweepstake casino bonus for buying Gold Coins. Note that the bonus is not part of the purchase.

Another way to get Stake Cash is by keeping in touch with on social media. They sometimes run promotional giveaways, which can fetch you a good amount of Stake Cash as a bonus when you participate.

If you still want more, send a postcard to the office in Texas. They will supply you with lots of Stake Cash to play with. The key to benefiting from this trick is carefully following the details described in terms and conditions for this activity.

4. What is the exact amount given as a daily bonus from sweepstake casino daily bonus offers 10,000 Gold Coins and $1 Stake Cash. It is advisable to log into the platform and claim your daily bonus before the day runs out. That way, when you’re ready to play, you’ll have enough Gold Coins and Stake Cash to play with.

5. How long does withdrawing prizes on take?

Redeeming your prize is instant. It is best to check the limits on each available withdrawal avenue, so you choose the best one for you. More preferably, you can discuss your options with customer service, so you get to know all your options properly.

Additional rewards & loyalty programs sweepstakes casino has one of the best loyalty programs for a social casino. VIP Program

Stake VIPThere are ten tiers to the VIP Program. Each of them has their benefits and perks.

Newcomers to the VIP program automatically enter the Bronze level. Members of this level get a rakeback on losses, plus certain weekly and monthly sweepstake casino bonuses.

The Silver VIP level is next. You get a bonus for leveling up plus improved monthly bonuses. Leveling up to Gold VIP also means more weekly and monthly bonuses, plus extra level-up bonuses.

Next in line is the Platinum VIP level, which has six different levels within it. The first three Platinum levels include all the bonuses from the Gold VIP level with special daily bonuses, which give you extra virtual credits added to the mix. The level also offers a special sweepstake casino reload bonus every time you purchase Gold Coins.

The remaining three levels of the Platinum level offer the same bonuses as the others but with improved level-up bonuses. The icing on this cake is that you get to have your own dedicated VIP host.

The Diamond level is the highest you can get. Reaching here would take a fair amount of time, but the rewards are with it.

At this level, you get all the VIP bonuses, special bespoke bonuses, and a personal VIP manager. With these items under your control, you will be positioned to get the most out of the VIP Program.

Who qualifies to join the VIP program?

When you complete your registration on, you automatically become a member of the Bronze level in the VIP Program. The levels you reach in the program all depend on you. Naturally, you will level up in good time if you are consistent with the games.

As the nature of the program suggests, it is created for’ loyal players. If you want to get to the top, you must employ grit and determination to get there. Just don’t forget to have fun!

Bonus intro offers many bonuses, but the ones to focus on are those that come with each level in the Stake VIP Program.

The structure provides for the program makes it attractive with an adventurous feel. Each tier you grow into represents a step closer to becoming one of those at the top of the VIP Program.

Reality Test

When you register on, you become a member of the Bronze level in the Stake VIP Program. As the Bronze level is the most basic in the program, you’ll have to work along the levels to get better bonuses and special offers.

As such, you’ll need to devise strategies that will help you get more consistent wins for faster leveling-ups. Progressing to the highest tiers might take some time, but the results are worth it.

Bonus withdrawal

You cannot withdraw sweepstake casino bonuses. Instead, their prizes are based on how well you win in the games. Your wins must also be consistent to be considered for a prize.

Pitfalls & what to avoid when claiming bonus

Some players get comfortable with the daily sweepstake casino bonus. Others let the daily bonuses pile up till the Stake Cash reaches the minimum for withdrawal.

You cannot withdraw Stake Cash until you’ve wagered thrice and won. Also, getting too comfortable with the daily login bonuses leads nowhere.

Take risks, and use the bonuses you have. Check out other bonuses you may be eligible for and claim them. Please take advantage of their promotional giveaways on their social media platforms.

You’ll enjoy the package sweepstakes casino offers through active participation.

Verdict on bonus

Getting to reasonable levels on the VIP Program requires your active participation in the game. The adventurous feel attached to this reward program sets it apart from other social casinos. It is one of the best reward systems among social casinos in the US and is worth using.

Social Casino Bonus
Social Casino Bonus
$25 No Deposit + 250,000 Gold Coins + 5% Rakeback
T&Cs apply, 18+
Get Bonus

Overall conclusion

Sure social casinos like do not allow direct stakes involving real money. However, distinguishes itself from other social casinos by offering prizes that can be redeemed for real-life purchases. Besides the prizes, the way VIP Program is makes it worthwhile to signup and begin the journey to the top. sweepstake casino bonus offers are much better as you advance in the VIP levels.

Social Casino Bonus
Social Casino Bonus
$25 No Deposit + 250,000 Gold Coins + 5% Rakeback
T&Cs apply, 18+
Get Bonus sweepstake casino bonus FAQ

💵 Can I win real money on offers certain prizes in addition to the bonus. These prizes depend on your wins, so having a fantastic strategy for the games is good. Check out this review to see if the prizes include real money!

🎁 What is the bonus code for offers daily bonuses of Gold Coins and Stake Cash with which you can use to play the games. However, if you want to maximise your bonuses while registering, check our guide for a bonus code you can use.

💳 Can I use my debit card on

You can purchase Gold Coins from if your Gold Coins are insufficient or finished. You can check out our guide to see if debit cards are an included payment option for

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Social Casino Social Casino
  • Exclusive rakeback bonus
  • Range of Stake Originals
  • Live casino available Social Casino Bonus
$25 No Deposit + 250,000 Gold Coins + 5% Rakeback
Promo Code
Go to Social Casino
T&Cs apply, 18+ Bonus Details
Social Casino
$25 No Deposit + 250,000 Gold Coins + 5% Rakeback
Type: Bonus
Requirements (WR): 3x Deposit
Min. Purchase: -
Cashable: Yes
Promo Code
Go to
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