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Slotomania Bonus Code 2024: Get in the Game With Slotomania Promo

Slotomania is no longer recommended by phandroid.com.
Top3 phandroid.com alternatives to Slotomania:
Social Casino
Slotomania Social Casino
Rating follows
Bonus Details:
Free Spins
Requirements (WR):
Slotomania Social Casino Bonus
T&Cs apply, 18+

Placing high stakes when playing with virtual money makes sense. Slotomania provides higher wagering levels because they recognize the urge to enjoy games. That calls for welcome bonuses, but we have not found any as exceptional as the Slotomania bonus.

The Slotomania sweepstakes casino bonus is one of several offers created to get your attention. Everyone who joins Slotomania as a new member will receive 1 million Coins. There are many more Slotomania freebies to explore, and that’s only the beginning! Let’s look at the Slotomania bonus offers and how they can help improve your gameplay.

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Slotomania Social Casino Facts
Social Currency:
Slotomania coins
1 USD = 158,220,000 SC
Cashout available:
Daily Rewards:
Refer a Friend, Daily Challenges
VIP Program:
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Accepts Customers from
Show StatesAL, AK, AZ, AR, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA, HI, ID, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, ME, MD, MA, MI, MN, MS, MO, MT, NE, NC, OH, OK, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VT, VA, WA, DC, WV, WI, WY
Show StatesAL, AK, AZ, AR, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA, HI, ID, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, ME, MD, MA, MI, MN, MS, MO, MT, NE, NC, OH, OK, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VT, VA, WA, DC, WV, WI, WY
Playtika Ltd.
Available Languages
Overall Rating
Rating follows
  • Bonus Offer
  • Bonus Wagering
  • Bonus Withdrawal
  • Rewards & Loyalty Program
Last Updated on 09/08/2023

Introduction to bonus offers

Slotomania offers a variety of bonus opportunities for you to take advantage of. You receive bonus coins when you sign up for an account and special bonus coins every 2 hours when you make purchases. During special events, you have the opportunity to get more coins for your money and special games that help you advance.

Your brand-new social casino account at Slotomania will automatically receive a whopping 1 million Coins simply for signing up. This is one of the biggest welcome offers from a social casino so far. There are other Slotomania sweepstake casino bonus offers and rewards available after registration.

How to use the bonus

To make proper use of your Slotomania sweepstakes casino bonus coins, there are a few steps to take:

Create an account

Before activating your Slotomania bonus offer, you’ll need to sign up for an account, and unlike real-money casinos; you do not need an elaborate verification process. After signing up through their website or Facebook page, your 1,000,000 coins bonus offer is immediately awarded.

Additionally, Slotomania offers an amazing rewards scheme. You’ll receive new advantages and rewards as you progress through the game and level up your status. We’ll be taking a look at those rewards later on.

Start playing

After receiving your 1 million Slotomania sweepstakes bonus coins, you can immediately begin using them to play any unlocked games in the lobby. Before getting your welcome bonus offer, you must not make in-game purchases or deposits.

Buy coins

Slotomania is a sweepstakes casino that does not need purchases or deposits to play. But you still get the opportunity to buy Gold Coins to boost your gameplay and help you advance faster than other players. The available payment methods on Slotomania are:

  1. Visa
  2. MasterCard
  3. iDeal
  4. PayPal
  5. SoFort

Slotomania is legal and safe to play on, But it is advisable to check out their legal policies, terms, and conditions before registration. Ensure the platform is legal in your state before registering and claiming the welcome bonus offer.

Top 5 expert tips to take advantage of the offer

Getting information on available Slotomania bonus offers is great, but knowing how to use them correctly is important, or you risk losing them quickly. You can get the best out of the social casino platform using your free coins and listed below are our top five tips on how to take full advantage of the offer.

Sign up via Facebook

Gamers can use their email address to set up an account on the Slotomania website, take advantage of Slotomania sweepstakes bonuses, and access all the available slot machine games. But, it is strongly advised to connect via Facebook if you want to make the most of the site.

Participating in their social activities and getting friends to play will speed up the process of unlocking game features, increase your coin supply, and give you access to new games.

Set reasonable wagers

Players can typically bet more coins than usual in social casino games. You can choose to play for the full Las Vegas high roller gameplay experience since you can only play using virtual coins.

Enter your profile page by clicking on your avatar in the top left corner of your homepage to view all the Slotomania tips and tricks that are readily available. On this page, you’ll learn that increasing your stake can help you quickly advance through levels and win greater rewards. But, remember to constantly watch your coin supply and collect free Slotomania bonus coins daily.

Study the game's information panel

You do not have to begin playing immediately after completing the registration process; instead, spend some time reviewing the rules and facts of the game. The menu at the top of the playing screen gives you access to the selected game’s information panel.

Take your time analyzing the game’s extra features and paying attention to the paytable. Do this before utilizing your coins or choosing if the game is something you’ll be interested in. 

Study reviews

Before registering on any social casino platform, reading reviews is crucial and an excellent move. You can choose which platform best meets your demands by thoroughly investigating casino operators.

Information about gaming platforms’ reputations, security, and legal features is crucial. Reviews will outline what to expect and provide insight into bonus offers, promotions, and details about the platform’s proprietors. Before becoming involved in the game or claiming freebies, it is best to be well-informed about the Slotomania sweepstakes bonus offer.

Make sure the welcome offer is right for you

Even while social casinos provide more than just welcome bonuses, ensuring you have enough virtual currency to get off to a good start is crucial. Selecting the social gaming platform with the best welcome offer may help you advance more quickly after registration.

Slotomania’s registration comes with 1 million coins that can be used to play any of their games, making it worth the consideration. 

Frequently asked questions about the bonus

1. What platform can I claim the Slotomania welcome offer on?

The Slotomania platform does not have an app currently, and it doesn’t matter what device you use. The site is accessible to all players, and on all browsers, you get your welcome bonus coins immediately after signing up for an account.

2. Must I be registered via Facebook before claiming the welcome offer?

Registering via Facebook can help boost your winnings and grant you access to daily rewards, but it is not a condition to receive your Slotomania bonus offer. Whether you connect your account to Facebook or not, you will receive the 1,000,000 welcome coins after signing up.

3. Can I give my bonus coins to another player?

The Slotomania bonus offer cannot be exchanged with other players, but special coin gifts can be shared amongst players. Advancing through higher levels on the platform increases the value of gifts you can share with friends or other game players.

4. Can welcome bonus coins expire?

Slotomania sweepstakes bonus coins do not have an end frame or time limit. Your coins will remain in your account until you can use them. They do not depreciate or appreciate, but you can start spinning once you get them to enjoy the thrill.

5. Can my Slotomania bonus coins be redeemed for prizes?

Slotomania bonus coins received after registration cannot be redeemed for cash prizes. You can only use your virtual coins to play in-app games, win more virtual coins, and share with your friends or other players. The bonus coins have no cash value.

Additional rewards & loyalty programs

Although Slotomania is a social casino and does not offer cash prizes, users can still collect rewarding incentives. The game’s primary goal is to advance through the stages and obtain the much-desired VIP status. The Playtika Rewards Program, which includes seven tiers, is automatically enrolled for all new signups on the site.

The company that created Slotomania is called Playtika. Every time a player plays a game and advances through the levels, they award Status Points (SP), which aid in moving up the reward levels. Let’s take a look at the various reward levels available.

Bronze tier

After registering, every player immediately moves to the first level, Bronze. At this level, the site will provide you 250 free coins every day, you’ll be able to transfer coins to other users, and you’ll also be able to receive up to 50 coins from other users.

You must have at least 150 SPs to reach the Silver level, which may be readily obtained by purchasing any coin package from the Slotomania store. There is a link to the Slotomania store on every website page.

Silver tier

Once you reach the Silver level, you’ll receive larger daily free coins and double SPs for every level up and purchase you make. The mega bonus prize is also increased by 15% for silver-level members.

You can access more rewards from the fan pages of silver members, from sharing posts and receiving boosted gifts from other players or friends. You’ll need 4,000 SPs to advance to the Gold tier.

Gold tier

When you reach the Gold level, your daily gifts from the website will grow to 100,000 coins, and you will receive more than twice the value of your coin purchases. You can receive up to 2,000 coins as gifts from friends, and the value of gold fan page gifts is multiplied by 20.

You can also get a 5x multiplier for sharing posts, and you’ll need 30,000 SPs to upgrade to Platinum status.

Platinum tier

Due to the various awards available, reaching the Platinum rank is an amazing achievement. Platinum-level members receive 200,000 coins every day for free. Your gifts from the fan page now have a 40x multiplier, those from shared posts have a 10x multiplier, and you can receive up to 5,000 coins from friends. You’ll need 250,000 SPs to advance to the Diamond tier.

Diamond tier

Your daily gift from the website is enhanced to 500,000 coins at the Diamond level, and a 7x multiplier boosts your coin purchases. You are also guaranteed VIP status.

A 100x multiplier is applied to fan page gifts, a 20x multiplier to shared posts, and friends can give you up to 10,000 coins. You can reach the Royal Diamond tier once you have amassed 2,000,000 SPs.

Royal Diamond tier

As soon as you reach the Royal Diamond stage, your Slotomania journey will almost reach its peak. On the website, you get free access to more than 1,000,000 daily, and all gifts from the fan page have a 200x multiplier applied to them.

Additionally, you can have access to personal account managers and to games that are only available to VIP users. To advance to the next tier, you need 8,000,000 SPs.

Black Diamond tier

To reach Black Diamond, the highest and final tier of the Playtika Rewards Program, you must accumulate 8,000,000 SPs. The Slotomania team members have chosen to keep the rewards at this level, a mystery only known to tier members. Thus they have not disclosed any information about them.

“What happens in Black Diamond, stays in Black Diamond” is the only information accessible from them at this level. You must keep playing and gathering SPs or make in-game purchases to accumulate enough SPs to go on to this level.

Bonus Intro

Every single online casino site is constantly looking for new players. Therefore they all actively use large welcome offers to catch your attention. Social casinos do not use real money to play, only virtual currencies.

The appropriate welcome package may get your gaming off to a flying start, and social casinos are known to award huge bonuses to users. Your brand-new social casino account at Slotomania will automatically receive a staggering 1 million Coins welcome bonus simply for signing up. All the games in the lobby can be played with this welcome bonus offer.

Reality test

Claiming your welcome bonus is the first step, and knowing how to use it properly is the next. After registration, your bonus offer is activated and awarded to you. You do not need any special code to activate the bonus.

Once you’ve gotten your Slotomania sweepstake casino bonus, you can navigate to the games lobby to pick a game from the list of games available and start to play. There are no limits to how many coins you can wager on any available game. Your coins are used to win you more stack of coins and SPs.

Bonus withdrawal

Slotomania is a social casino for entertainment, so users cannot make deposits or redeem winnings for cash prizes. You cannot spin with real money when playing any games because they are all free.

You can only play using the platform’s Coins and get huge bonuses when you sign up and play daily. However, you can purchase Gold Coin packages from the Slotomania store to boost your gameplay. Bonus coins can also not be shared with other players or friends. Only coins won from using the coin can be shared.

Pitfalls & what to avoid when claiming Slotomania bonus

Before claiming your welcome bonus, it is advisable to go through the platform’s terms and conditions. Also, check if the game is legal in your location to avoid issues. Read policies and reviews before registration.

After claiming your bonus offer, you’ll need to go through tips on maximizing them to win more coins and SPs potentially. You can read through reviews from experts or other players on the proper way to use your coins. Your welcome bonus coins can be multiplied through gameplay but not shared with other players, so avoid trying that.

Final verdict on Slotomania bonus offer

The Slotomania sweepstake casino bonus welcome offer is one of the most generous and faultless bonus coins available for players on a social casino platform. The 1 million coins can win you huge stocks of coins without making any purchases.

We strongly recommend all players try out this platform and take full advantage of the offer. When utilized properly, the bonus offer can help you win coins, win SPs needed to advance in the loyalty reward program, and enrich your friends or other players. However, remember to read reviews, follow guides, and learn tips to stake your coins strategically.

Social Casino Bonus
Social Casino Bonus
Up to 27.5 Free Sweepstakes Coins + 57.500 Gold Coins
Welcome Bonus
T&Cs apply, 18+
Get Bonus

Overall conclusion

Slotomania has one of the most substantial welcome bonus packages in a social casino, with a million Coins accessible to all new signups. As players advance through the tiers of the reward program, they are eligible for some benefits and access to games that aren’t available to everyone else.

This website offers the same thrills as playing real online slots without risks. We advise visiting this website immediately to create an account, whether you’re a beginner at slots or an experienced player seeking fun. The Slotomania reviews are enough to make an informed decision.

Slotomania Bonus FAQ

🤔 Does Slotomania give new members bonus offers?

Nowadays, bonuses are given freely to players by all online casino operators, not just those with real cash prize-winning opportunities. It’s best to check out what Slotomania offers you as a new player by reviewing reviews and comments from experts and players.

🤐 Do I have to read Slotomania policies?

Like every other social casino platform, there are policies, terms, and conditions guiding the use of the Slotomania platform. Some of these policies are well-tailored to answer every inquiry or issue about bonuses and gameplay.

😬 How long can I use my welcome bonus?

Slotomania offers new players 1 million bonus coins after registration to play all available games. These bonus coins can also be essential in gathering SPs needed to move up reward tiers and join the elite VIP group. Information about the duration of their usage will help you on how to use them.

Further Bonuses


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