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Best Sweepstakes Casinos / Chumba Casino Promo Code

Chumba Casino Bonus Code 2023: Get in the Game With Chumba Casino Promo

Social Casino + Sweepstakes!
Chumba Casino
Bonus Details:
Welcome Bonus
Requirements (WR):
Chumba Casino Bonus
2 million Gold Coins
Promo Code
Go to Chumba Casino
Go to Chumba Casino
T&Cs apply, 18+
Payment Methods
Chumba Casino Social Casino Facts
Social Currency:
Gold Coins
1 USD = 120000000 GC
Cashout available:
Daily Rewards:
Daily Bonus Drops
VIP Program:
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Chumba Casino is one of the most popular and critically acclaimed social casinos out there. However, all this counts for nothing if you don’t have a Chumba Casino bonus to get started, because you can’t add funds the usual way.

That’s right, you don’t deposit funds in order to use a social casino. They use virtual coins to play the games instead. But you don’t need to buy these either. That’s why a welcome promotion for Chumba is so much more than just a bonus – it’s your portal to free and legal casino goodness.

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Payment Methods
American Express
MGA - Malta Gaming Authority
Accepts Customers from
Show StatesAZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, IL, IN, IA, LA, MD, MI, NJ, NY, NC, PA, TN, TX, VA
Show StatesAZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, IL, IN, IA, LA, MD, MI, NJ, NY, NC, PA, TN, TX, VA
VGW Games Limited
Available Languages
Customer Support
Phone, Email Support
Overall Rating
  • Bonus Offer
  • Bonus Wagering
  • Bonus Withdrawal
  • Rewards & Loyalty Program
Visa Mastercard American Express
Safety high high high
Last Updated on 16/08/2023

Introduction to bonus offers

This is a social casino that’s all about being user-friendly. That’s obvious from how simple it is to navigate, it’s easy on the eye aesthetically, and the many ways you can collect coins to use. For instance, you can get coins by entering contests on their Facebook page, for logging in daily, and even for sending a request via post. But in terms of a Chumba Casino bonus, there’s none bigger than the welcome Chumba sweepstakes casino bonus.

This provides you 2 million Gold Coins and 2 free Sweeps Coins to get started. Just like the newcomer promotion available with bonus code BONUSDROID – which provides 5% rakeback on losses and $1 SC, alongside 10,000 Gold Coins – the first offer is the biggest at Chumba. And it’s also the most relevant for this analysis, as the Chumba casino sweepstake casino bonus for newcomers provides an insight into the likely generosity of the site more generally.

How to use the Chumba Casino bonus

Please note before we get started that all terms and conditions are subject to change, from the redemption details to the Chumba Casino promo code. That’s why it’s always worthwhile checking them out for yourself.

In terms of the Chumba Casino sweepstake casino bonus activation, well, you’ll barely have to think about it. The first step is to sign up to the site as usual. This can be achieved by completing the registration form accessed by clicking ‘Create account’ on the homepage. Simply fill in all the relevant details there, including your email and date of birth.

Send off your sign-up form and within moments, you’ll have both your account ready to go and your free Gold Coins – all two million of them, plus a couple of Sweeps Coins. The activation is in the registration: that’s the trick. No deposit, no Chumba Casino bonus code. You get rewarded just for signing up as normal.

Five expert tips to take advantage of the Chumba Casino bonus offer

It might initially seem unlikely that you could really make the Chumba Casino bonus that much better. For starters, it’s so easy to use that you can end up with it without even knowing anything about it should you decide to try out Chumba Casino. Furthermore, what it offers is pretty great to start with.

Nonetheless, we think by following these five simple pieces of advice, you can make a great thing extra special.

Decide if Chumba Casino is right for you

You may not need to research any Chumba Casino promo code to get started with the site, but a little preparation can go a long way. Essentially, this Chumba Casino sweepstake casino bonus is all about providing you with free access to the site. If you like Chumba, the promotion goes hand and hand with it.

However, you’ll first want to ensure that is the case for you. If you check out our Chumba Casino review, for instance, you’ll learn everything you could possibly want to know in order to make such a decision. You’ll also discover so much about the site that it will help you figure out how to have the most fun with your coins.

Ask customer service if you have any questions about the site

This page and our review will do absolutely everything possible to provide the most comprehensive information on the site, the Chumba Casino bonus, and anything else relevant to your experience. However, if there’s still unanswered questions you have about the offer or the site more generally (which is, of course, unlocked via such promotions), then you have an around the clock customer service team waiting to answer your questions. You can contact them on live chat before you even sign in. 

Try a broad selection of games with Gold Coins

There’s over 100 world-class games at Chumba Casino. It’s suitable for fans of slots, Slingo, jackpots, table games and more. And one of the really cool things about social casinos is that, because you can play for free, you can use your huge haul of Chumba Casino sweepstake casino bonus Gold Coins to try as many out as you desire.

We think, considering the variety and the quality of games that are available, that it’s well worth trying your hand on a broad selection of new titles. There’s no real cash stakes, so you can test them out stress-free. 

Focus on what you know for Sweeps Coins

The difference between Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins at Chumba is that Sweeps Coins can be redeemed at a rate of a dollar per coin. With no purchase or deposit being necessary, that’s a wonderful bonus prize to play for. It gives you an incentive to want to win, without any money being at risk.

This is why there’s less of them available. You get two million Gold Coins for two Sweeps Coins on this offer, after all. Considering that Gold Coins don’t have the same weight attached to them as Sweeps Coins, it’s a good idea to play the latter on games you’re comfortable with. Certain table games, in particular, can benefit from a familiarity with the rules. 

Collect as many Sweeps Coins as you can

Remember that the welcome bonus is only a start.  It’s a rocket boost to begin your journey with Chumba Casino. The best way to optimize this offer is to add additional coins whenever you can. This could be through social media promotions or a Chumba Casino bonus code. Whatever it might be, the coins you collect can be added to and fatten up an already ample Chumba Casino bonus for newcomers. 

Frequently asked questions about the Chumba Casino bonus

1. Can I use more than one Chumba Casino sweepstake casino bonus?

It depends on the bonus. But in terms of the welcome offer, your coins are credited immediately and then you can, as far as we can tell from our research, use another bonus as soon as you wish. This is ideal if you’ve got a Chumba Casino promo code handy or have just seen something interesting on their social media. This includes discounts on coins you might purchase as an optional extra. The use of the welcome offer appears to have no bearing on their availability.

2. Could a Chumba Casino bonus code be needed for this promotion in the future?

Possibly. The terms and conditions for any promotion, including this one, can change at any time. So, it’s certainly worth being on the lookout for these details. We’ll certainly let you know if we become aware of any relevant to this or another Chumba offer.

3. How do I use the coins I get with the Chumba Casino bonus?

The practicalities of using both Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins, beyond their lack of monetary value, are exactly the same as playing games at a real money casino. For instance, you can enjoy all your favorite slots the exact same way by offering a stake and spinning the reels. The rules of table casino classics like blackjack remain the same. If you know how to play casino games normally, you should know what to expect here.

4. Are there any differences between the virtual currency given away here and those purchased?

No, not at all. The Gold Coins that you purchase as an optional extra and those that are given away with this promotion are exactly the same. This also applies to any Sweeps Coins given away as a prize addition alongside your Gold Coins purchase. Buying them doesn’t provide them with any additional monetary value, and their practicalities and redemption qualities are identical.

5. Is the Chumba Casino bonus available to all Americans?

Chumba is available to the overwhelming majority of Americans, with the exceptions of Idaho and Washington. All who can use the site have access to this offer.

Additional Chumba Casino rewards & loyalty programs

The Chumba Casino bonus described above might be the perfect welcome, but what about longer term users? Often, casino sites will reward users with tiers, but this is really more suitable for cash casinos and isn’t as common on social casino operators. For instance, they often provide rewards based on the amount you bet or deposit, which isn’t relevant here.

Instead, Chumba chooses to reward you every day you log in directly with more coins for you to enjoy. It’s simple, accessible, and ensures that all users regardless of their tenure are well looked after. This is alongside any other promotions, found via social media, a Chumba Casino bonus code, or anything else available to existing users.

Bonus intro

The Chumba casino sweepstakes casino bonus we’re looking at in this analysis is their welcome offer. In other words, it’s what you can expect when you sign up to the site. They offer newcomers a whopping two million Gold Coins and 2 Sweeps Coins. As you must be able to access social casino games with a virtual currency – and such currencies must be offered for free – it’s important to note that this is actually how you access the site and what makes it legally a social casino. The distinction between them is that Sweeps Coins can be exchanged for cash prizes at the rate of a dollar per coin, while Gold Coins cannot be exchanged but can be purchased as an optional way to extend gameplay.

Reality test

There’s hardly a casino bonus out there as simple as this one by Chumba Casino. In fact, we can imagine many people simply stumbling upon it by accident. All we needed to do was head on over to the site and fill in the registration form. This wasn’t complicated – it asked for simple things like a password and your address: the sort of information you get when signing into any betting site. The whole process took under five minutes.

The information was confirmed and the account established. The Chumba Casino bonus was then automatically added to the account, without any other activation requirements. Furthermore, all coins were available to use on all games available at Chumba Casino, with over a hundred of them available to play for free immediately

Bonus withdrawal

Typically, the way bonus withdrawal works on cash casinos is that a certain amount of money is won via a casino bonus, and there are set conditions upon which that money is released, such as wagering requirements. The social casino redemption process here is similar, but distinct – largely because no money is required from you in order to win cash prizes.

Instead, you collect Sweeps Coins, and then you play them through. Once you play them through (the coins won in such an event don’t count as ‘played through’ and you must do so separately), they’re eligible to be converted into cash prizes at a rate of a dollar per coin. This may require some additional identification from you and, of course, bank details, but is as simple as providing the relevant info and then requesting your prize money.

Pitfalls and what to avoid when claiming bonus

The simplest pitfall is the one you have the least control over – and that’s the result of the games themselves. Of course, the requirement of playing through your Sweeps Coins is what makes this Chumba Casino sweepstake casino bonus so interesting. It creates prizes and also adds some sense of stakes to your games, even if nothing of yours is on the line. However, you could simply lose your Sweeps Coins in play and then you’d have no coins to convert into cash prizes.

Beyond that, the only real issue would be if the site was not geographically available to you or you otherwise provided false information, which would certainly be discovered should you need to send in documents to verify your identity.

Verdict on bonus

In terms of a Gold Coin giveaway, it’s very hard to argue with two million to enjoy simply for registering. Two Sweeps Coins is considerably smaller, but do keep in mind that this is only the beginning of ways to collect coins at Chumba Casino. Of course, the bonus is only so good because the casino, the games, and the redemption process are also all so exceptional. It’s a fantastic start to one of the best social casinos currently available in the United States.

Overall conclusion: Chumba legitimately delivers free access

For a social casino, the quality of their coin giveaways essentially dictates their accessibility. All must provide free access to be legally considered a social casino, but their generosity dictates the level of free access before more coins must be bought for additional entertainment value. The sheer magnitude of this Chumba Casino sweepstake casino bonus provides free access broadly and legitimately, for a long time and for all players. Backed up by daily logins, they do what so many others promise – and that’s provide satisfying access to a great casino without any cost.

Social Casino Bonus
Chumba Casino
Social Casino Bonus
2 million Gold Coins
Welcome Bonus
T&Cs apply, 18+
Go to Chumba Casino
Get Bonus

Chumba Casino bonus FAQ

💰 What kind of welcome offer is available at Chumba Casino?

Our look at promotions at social casinos generally focuses on the welcome offer, because this is typically the most generous option. We also know that because a social casino must offer ways to initially get coins in order to allow you to play their games for free, there must be a welcome offer of some sort. So, what are the details of the newcomer promo at Chumba Casino? You’ll be sure to find out if you check out our extensive guide.

🎰 How do I use my bonus from the Chumba Casino welcome offer?

Understanding what Chumba Casino offers is, of course, an extremely important part of our guide. However, the concept is one thing: we’re also all about the practicalities. That’s why we’ll be explaining how it actually worked for us, as well as any advice we have about making the most of the offer so you can see beyond what’s advertised with our analysis. This will provide you with the best possible insight of whether this promotion is what you’re looking for from a social casino.

✅ Is the Chumba newcomer promotion a good introduction to the site?

A welcome bonus has additional responsibilities beyond what’s expected from any other social casino bonus. Not only does it have to provide the user with proper value, backed by fair terms and conditions, but it’s also your doorway to the site. Quite literally, you need those coins to get going as you can’t deposit on a social casino site. So, the question we’ll be answering, alongside whether the Chumba Casino welcome bonus is any good, is whether it works as an overall introduction to the site.

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Social Casino
Chumba Casino
  • 1,000,000 Gold Coins for new players
  • Over 100 online slot games
  • Great variety of game types
Chumba Casino Bonus
2 million Gold Coins
Promo Code
Go to Chumba Casino
Go to Chumba Casino
T&Cs apply, 18+
Chumba Casino Bonus Details
Social Casino
2 million Gold Coins
Type: Welcome Bonus
Requirements (WR): -
Min. Purchase: -
Cashable: No
Promo Code
Go to Chumba Casino
Go to Chumba Casino
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