Samsung Galaxy A7 2016

Last updated: Dec 2nd, 2015.

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How to connect Xbox Series X Controller to Android

Mobile gaming has absolutely exploded onto the scene in recent years, with the arrival of games like Genshin Impact, Call of Duty: Mobile, and others. However, the problem for some is that the touch-screen controls are really too much of a pain when it comes to being competitive, especially in those games that require pin-point …

Lenovo Yoga 9i review: a true workhorse

These days, it’s pretty easy to find a laptop that fits your exact needs at a price that’s fairly competitive. Head on over to Best Buy’s website or and you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. If you’re not a hardcore gamer or someone who uses their laptop for media production, anything under …

Pixel 6 goes full cyborg in questionable new renders

Google I/O 2021 is set to kick off next week, where we’re expecting to see the Pixel 5a launch, but many Pixel fans are already looking to the Fall. That’s when the Pixel 6 is slated to launch, and according to Jon Prosser with Front Page Tech, it’s going to have a radical redesign. Part …

Incredible BOGO Deal: Buy One Xcentz USB Charging Cable, Get One Free

We know, we know. Lightning cables are for the Apple sheep, but the truth remains that if you have an iPad, AirPods, or an iPhone lying around, you’ll need to use a Lightning cable to keep things charged up. And while Apple includes the cable in the box (for now), those OEM cables aren’t exactly …

Qualcomm is the latest company to opt to go virtual for Mobile World Congress 2021

As of right now, Mobile World Congress 2021 is scheduled to take place, in-person, next month. However, Qualcomm is just the latest company to confirm that it won’t have an exhibit at the conference, following in the footsteps of several other major companies including Google, Nokia, Sony, Samsung, Lenovo, and others.In a statement provided to …

Samsung makes it easy to pair and control your Galaxy Buds with your Windows PC

Last week, we saw Samsung launch its SmartThings Windows 10 app for easier controls over your various smart home products. Today, the company has seemingly released a new app geared towards owners of the Galaxy Buds who want to use them with their Windows computers.The app is simply named Galaxy Buds, and is available for …

Niagara Launcher v1.2 beta adds app pop-ups and much more

The unique thing about launchers is that they can completely change how you use and interact with your device. With something like Nova Launcher, you can use it to create something that looks like a Pixel home screen, or you can go off the wall by integrating KWGT widgets for something different. But then there …