If you haven’t figured it out yet, the display on your Android phone is a big source of battery drain. Although it’s obvious that having a high screen brightness eats more battery, the colors on your display can also have a negative impact as well. Most phones these days are coming equipped with AMOLED display panels (like every Samsung Galaxy flagship from the past few years or a plethora of other devices).

An AMOLED display works by illuminating the individual pixels that make up an image. This means a black or dark colored pixel doesn’t require as much power as a white or brightly colored pixel to illuminate. By using a pure black or really dark wallpaper, you can save extra battery. This won’t have a massive impact on battery life but if you’re looking to squeeze every bit of juice from your battery, every little bit counts.

pure black wallpaper high resolution 4K

Open this image in a new tab, then long press and save it to your device

Setting a black wallpaper is simple and we’ve even provided one for you above. If you’re looking for steps, here’s how you can set it:

  • Long press a blank area of the home screen
  • Select Wallpapers
  • Tap on the Lock screen option (left)
  • Select My Photos from the wallpapers selector
  • Choose the black wallpaper you saved to your device
  • Press Save located in the upper right corner

Of course, this doesn’t provide much customization but if you’re looking for dark wallpapers — that will also help save some battery — we’ve put together a post highlighting the best for AMOLED displays.

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