How to set a budget in the Google Play Store

We’ve all been there before. Downloading and installing new apps, icon packs, widget packs, and games can end up getting pretty expensive. Or maybe you have a little one who likes to try and buy all of the in-app purchases to bypass grinding through a game to unlock different things. Thankfully, Google has added the …

A better world

Google Maps wants to help you, help the environment by offering fuel-efficient routes

Google is constantly looking for ways to reduce its own carbon footprint, while making it possible for everyone else to do so at the same time. In a new blog post, CEO Sundar Pichai detailed some new changes being implemented in an effort to give “you more sustainable choices with Google”.Kicking things off, Pichai reiterated …

Staying up to date

Best news widgets for Android

Want to stay up to date on the latest trends and happenings around the world or on topics that are of interest to you? That’s where news apps can come in handy, and widgets are a great way of placing that information on your home screen.

Best Launchers

Best Android Launchers: October 2021

The one thing you see the most on your phone is the Android home screen. It’s what you see every time you tap the home button. The openness of Android means there are tons of different launchers to choose from. Launchers are some of the most downloaded apps in Play Store. It can be hard …

Moto Z2 Force

40+ Moto Z2 Force Tips and tricks

When it comes to the Moto Z2 Force, there are a lot of features included that you should get acquainted with. Here’s a list of over 40 tips and tricks to help you get comfortable with the Z2 Force.

Google Passwords

How to manage your Google Passwords

If you’re an extensive Google user who also uses other Google products and platforms like Chrome OS or Android, then here’s how you can manage your passwords in Google Passwords to make it easy to access and sync your passwords across devices.

Mix Fold 2

Xiaomi’s next Mix Fold looks to offer a minor upgrade

There’s not much of an argument to be had if you’re looking for the best foldable phone available today. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 includes water resistance, S Pen support, and even an experimental under-display selfie camera on the big display. It easily blows away the competition, but there is some room for improvement, and …