Zoom in

More Pixel 6 XL details emerge from Android 12 Beta 3

Along with the release of Android 12 Beta 3, Google has also been pushing updates to its apps for compatibility reasons. But thanks to XDA Developers, there have been some new references for Google’s rumored Pixel 6 XL (or Pro). This time around, the Google Camera app may have just confirmed that Google’s larger device could …

Another option

Netflix hopes to take on Xbox with a cloud gaming service of its own

Lost in the sauce from yesterday’s Android 12 Beta 3 release was a report that Netflix might be getting into video games. The report comes from Bloomberg (via 9to5Google) and claims that Netflix is looking into a cloud game streaming service, not dissimilar from what we see in Xbox Cloud Gaming and Google Stadia. This move …

Screening this

How to screen record on Android

Ever seen those tutorial videos or mobile gameplay videos uploaded to YouTube? If you’re curious about how to do that on your phone, then here’s what you need to do to use the screen recording feature on your phone.

Best of Phandroid

How to hide apps, photos, and text messages on your Android Phone

We all get that uncomfortable feeling when someone else is using your phone. Something embarrassing or confidential is just a few errant swipes away. We’ve created three new guides to help you lock down personal photos, messages, and apps.

Chrome Shot

Google is building a screenshot tool into Chrome

It seems that Google is finally adding a native screenshot tool to its Chrome browser after hiding the feature away. We’re not sure when it will be released, but it could be worth looking out for.

Flying Discount

DJI’s Mavic Mini just got a massive discount

Are you a fan of drones but always felt that the hobby was a little too expensive for your liking? Then perhaps you should check out this awesome deal for the DJI Mavic Mini combo on Amazon now.

Material You

Google redesigns the Wallpaper & Style app in Android 12 Beta 3

When Android 12 was unveiled at Google I/O 2021, the biggest headlines were surrounding the introduction of Material You. Although there have been a few changes here and there, we still had not seen much in the way of the drastic overhaul for customization.With the release of Android 12 Beta 3, we’re finally getting an …

Yeeted Fleets

Twitter’s Fleets experiment is coming to a close on August 3rd

Late last year, Twitter introduced a new feature aimed at taking on Snapchat and Instagram. Fleets provided a quick and easy way to share things with your Twitter followers, just like Stories on other platforms. But less than a year later, Twitter is pulling the plug. We had big hopes for Fleets, but now it’s …

Beta 3

Android 12 Beta 3 arrives with scrolling screenshots and a few other changes

If you’ve been impatiently awaiting the arrival of the latest Android 12 beta, the wait is finally over. Google has released Android 12 Beta 3, as we get closer and closer to the final launch, expected in September. So what’s new in the latest beta? Well, one of the most requested features that Android users …

This goes to 80

Google quietly implements new feature to extend Pixel battery life

No matter what kind of phone you own, there’s always a concern about longevity when it comes to battery life. We’ve seen phone makers and software engineers implement different features in an effort to keep your phones running for as long as possible. Google already includes one such feature in Adaptive Charging, but there’s another …