WiFi 6

What is WiFi 6, and why you should upgrade

Our mobile devices, laptops, and routers all support WiFi, but not all WiFi is equal. The latest version of WiFi is known as WiFi 6, so the question is what is it and why you should care about it.

Windows on the cheap

VIP-scdkey slashes Windows 10 Pro to $15 in awesome back to school deal!

Microsoft is officially back in the Android hardware business with the Surface Duo launch and while we have some concerns with this first-gen Surface Duo, we are thoroughly impressed with the company’s software and integration with Windows 10. Even if you are opting to skip Microsoft’s pricey foldable, you can still benefit from its awesome …

Reset This

How to reset the Huawei P40 Pro

Are you having an issue with your Huawei P40 Pro? Sometimes a reset might just be what the doctor ordered. There is also a difference between hard and soft resets, so here’s the difference and here’s how you can do it.

Camera test

Poco X3 NFC versus Pixel 4a camera comparison: budget smartphone camera shootout

The budget smartphone segment is really heating up in 2020 with the introduction of the Poco X3 NFC. The new device comes in at an extremely low price point, undercutting the Pixel 4a by a full $115 while delivering a quad-camera setup on the back and an incredible 120Hz refresh rate.While the Poco X3 NFC …

New Flippy Boi

What are the reviewers saying about the new Microsoft Surface Duo?

‘Tis the season for new smartphones, and we are seeing a lot of new flippy boi’s. After the Z Flip 2 5G and Z Fold 2 5G, Motorola decided it was time to push an iterative update to the RAZR. But both Samsung and Motorola already had some experience, which left some room for a …


Best slots games for android

When it comes to enjoying online slots games on your phone, many seasoned players agree that Android systems have some of the finest titles of any on the planet. Whether you enjoy fruit machine slots or adventure-themed games, the fact is that players now have more options available than ever before in terms of slot …