Inbox is dead, welcome Spark for Android as its replacement

For better or for worse (most would argue for worse), Inbox is dead. Google killed the Gmail-based email app leaving us with the standard version of Gmail, which admittedly has gotten some of the features of Inbox in updates. You can also bring back the look of Inbox with a Chrome extension, but it won’t …

Enter the Secret World

How to enable the secret Android Developer Options

The Developer Options is like a secret world for Android enthusiasts to do cool stuff. Not only can you speed up animations, but you can force all apps to do multi-window and much more.

popularity contest

Most popular smartphones among Android enthusiasts: Q1 2019

The first quarter of 2019 has come and gone, leaving us with quite a few new Android smartphones and a lot of anticipation of what’s to come later in the year. Ad we’ve done in the past, we have taken a look at the analytics of the site to figure out which Android smartphones are …

Close, but no cigar

This Chrome extension will transform your Gmail into Inbox

Inbox by Gmail will be shutting down today, but for those who are going to miss it and its interface, you’re in luck because there is a Chrome extension that will transform your Gmail into an Inbox-like experience.