Save your health

Awesome Fitbit Charge 3 deal saves you more than 30%

Feeling a bit out of shape thanks to the lockdown? Maybe getting a fitness tracker can motivate you to do more activities at home, so check out this awesome deal on Fitbit’s Charge 3 tracker.

SIM Unlock

How to SIM unlock the iPhone XR

Have an iPhone XR with a locked SIM? Need to travel or just want the freedom of an unlocked SIM? Then read on to find out how to unlock the iPhone XR’s SIM for free!

Get creative

Best design apps for Android and iPhone

With sheer number of graphic tools available for mobile devices, it’s hard not to surrender and become a designer. Nowadays you craft your own amazing graphics without spending a ton of money hiring someone to do the work for you. Even if you’re not a seasoned designer or graphic artist, there are plenty of apps …

best apps

10 Best Messaging Apps for Android in 2017

Whether you’re someone who juggles 50 different conversations at once or you have just a couple going on, here are the best messaging apps for Android!

No flash

How to take better photos without a flash

Our smartphone’s flash units have improved greatly over the years, but they’re still not necessarily ideal, so how do you take photos without creating that harsh lighting? Read on to find out.


Best audiobook apps for Android and iPhone

Audiobooks are a great way to pass the time when traveling or on your daily commute. Here are some of the best apps for iOS and Android to find and listen to audiobooks. Take a look at our list and let us know your favorite app in the comments.AudibleAudible is Amazon’s audiobook application. Use Audible …

Further delays

Pixel 4a might be only released in October

It was initially suggested that the Pixel 4a’s launch could be soon, but now a new report claims that the handset will be delayed, possibly until October.

Show me the money

Save $50 on this Amazon Echo Show deal

Amazon’s Echo Show smart display and smart speaker device is currently enjoying a 22% discount on Amazon, saving you $50 in the process.

mid-range competition

Is the iPhone SE a Threat to Android?

If there is one thing we know for sure about iPhones is that they are pretty expensive. The lowest-end iPhone 11 still sells for $699 (or as low as $449 with a trade-in), while the cheapest iPhone 11 Pro sells for $999. This April, in turn, the Cupertino giant revealed its brand new iPhone SE …