Popcorn ready yet?

Everything new coming to Netflix in October 2019

You may not have caught all the new shows and movies Netflix put out in August, but that’s not stopping the company from releasing a ton of new content in October! Netflix is kicking things off with a season2 of the Animated version of Carmen Sandiego on October 1. Later, in October we have several …


5 Awesome new Android apps to check out this week (SEPT 28, 2019)

The Google Play store is full of awesome apps that can help you with tasks or simply help you take a break and relax with an engaging game. But how do you know what ones you should try? We can help you with that! Every week, we will share awesome new apps that we think …

get a fresh look

10 Best Android Wallpaper Apps

Android has literally thousands of apps that can provide cool and unique wallpapers for your phone. It can be hard to find the apps that are actually good. We’ve compiled a list of 10 wallpaper apps that really shine.

What's in the box?

OnePlus 7T unboxing

This week, OnePlus officially unveiled the 7T, a device which slots in perfectly between the OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro which were released earlier this year. We plan on doing a full review of the OnePlus 7T next week, but for now, we thought we’d share our unboxing of the phone. The main specs …

ultra-portable battle

LG gram vs Google Pixel Slate: which ultra-portable should you buy?

Right now, we’re spoiled for choice. If you’re looking for an ultra-portable machine, there are options everywhere. Between Macbooks, Windows laptops, iPads and Android tablets, there’s always something to meet your needs and your budget. The most important factors for you to identify are the features you truly need in a device and how much …

Still king?

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 review: no longer magical, but still amazing

If you’re looking to a smartphone that has it all, Samsung’s Galaxy Note lineup has traditionally been the go-to option for those who don’t mind spending top dollar for premium tech. In 2019, the same holds true, but with so many other smartphones encroaching on the Note’s territory, it’s becoming harder to justify the $950+ …

The Kinect replacement

Xbox One gets beta Google Assistant support

The Xbox One is now getting beta support for Google Assistant, which means you’ll have full voice control like back in the good old Kinect days.

know when to fold em

Samsung had one job and two attempts but the Galaxy Fold still isn’t right.

Back in April 2019 we all know what happened. The structural integrity of the Galaxy Fold failed when some review units were sent to influencers and bloggers for review and they began using the device in real life scenarios. There were reports of blank screens, dead Pixel lines, that “not” screen protector thing that was …