Coming soon

Samsung reportedly set to unveil the Galaxy S22 lineup in early February

With the Galaxy S21 FE launch out of the way, all eyes have turned to try to figure out when Samsung will unveil its next trio of flagship phones. The Galaxy S22 series has already been leaked quite a bit, but until now, there hasn’t been much in the way of a potential release date.A …

Save $100

Save up to $100 on the Pixel 6 at Best Buy

It’s a bit surprising, but the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro have been extremely difficult to get your hands on, until recently. Following the pre-ordering debacle, Google is finally starting to be able to keep its latest flagship phones in stock, and this goes for select third-party retailers like Best Buy and Amazon. Best Pixel …

Best of Phandroid

40+ Apps for new Android users

We are hot on the tails of the release of several big-name Android flagship phones. These devices will carry the torch for their respective companies for most of this year. Whenever a new crop of devices gets launched a flood of new users enter the Android world. One of the first things new users will do is search the Google Play Store for apps to download.

No HiFi

Spotify appears to be ditching its HiFi plans for now

One trend that we’ve been seeing recently from some of the best music streaming services is the addition of Hi-Fi quality. Spotify is notably missing, while Apple Music and Amazon Music are now offering HiFi streaming as an option. In the early part of 2021, Spotify announced that it was working on a HiFI tier, …

At A Glance

Google is bringing a bunch of new features to the At A Glance widget

With the release of Android 12, Google already provided a pretty in-depth overhaul of the entire software interface. Widgets actually look good now, while being more useful and helpful than in previous versions of Android. This includes the At A Glance widget, which can display things like your upcoming flight information, making it easy to …

Foldable V

Honor Magic V officially unveiled and is coming to China on January 18

The day has finally arrived. Honor has officially unveiled its first foldable phone in the Honor Magic V. The phone has been teased and rumored over the past few months, and now it has been announced at an event in China.With the Honor Magic V, this marks the first foldable phone to be released using …

Not good

Big changes are coming to your Google Nest Speaker Groups

Google and Sonos have been in an ongoing legal battle after Sonos filed a complaint to the ITC in regards to patent violations back in 2020. Late yesterday, the investigation was completed, with the ITC finding that several Google Nest products do, in fact, infringe on Sonos patents (via New York Times). Along with finding …