Family safety

Track your family and keep them safe with Life360

There are plenty of apps out there that can track your phone’s location in case you lose it or to share where you are with your friends, but Life360 is one of the most trusted apps in the family safety category.

Amazingly cheap

India is getting an even cheaper OnePlus Nord

The pricing of the OnePlus Nord wasn’t at all surprising. We had heard that the phone would be pretty affordable and the 500 Euro price tag had been thrown around a few times before the launch. The 400 Euro variant will likely be the most popular model since no one really needs 12GB of RAM …

Battle time

OnePlus Nord versus LG Velvet: spec comparison

With today’s launch of the OnePlus Nord, you might be wondering just how similar the new mid-range smartphone is to the LG Velvet. Both devices are positioned as mid-range smartphones, running on the same Snapdragon 765G from Qualcomm, but there are some significant differences between the two. The main differentiator is the price. While the …


7 Best Phone Chargers for Android

Need a new phone charger for your home, car, or on the go? Take a look at our picks for the best phone chargers for Android.

It's coming!

LG Velvet 5G finally gets a release date for the US

LG has decided to rain on OnePlus’s Nord parade today by announcing that the Velvet 5G, its mid-range smartphone that also runs on the Snapdragon 765G, will be making its long-awaited debut in the US market.Availability of the LG Velvet will commence with a launch on AT&T’s network on July 22nd (that’s tomorrow), with T-Mobile …

The new best?

OnePlus Nord first impressions: the new ruler of the mid-range smartphones

After months of leaks, rumors and a carefully crafted launch sequence from OnePlus, the company’s new mid-range smartphone has just been unveiled, giving OnePlus a note-worthy entrant into the ever more important into the sub-$500 smartphone segment. There’s a lot to unpack here, so let’s get started. Android manufacturers have been dominating the mid-range smartphone segment fore …

OnePlus Buds get rid of the wires for $79

OnePlus finally ditches the wires with the OnePlus Buds

Headphones are not a new thing for OnePlus, and while taking the wraps off of the brand-new OnePlus Nord, the company also revealed its first set of truly wireless earbuds. The OnePlus Buds are finally here and ditch the wires that were still present on previous iterations of OnePlus headphones.OnePlus Buds specifications 30 Hours of …

What's inside?

OnePlus Nord unboxing

The long-awaited launch of the Oneplus Nord is finally here! OnePlus was kind enough to send over a review unit for us to test, so we thought we’d do a quick unboxing of the Nord to give you an idea of what you will get when you purchase the smartphone. Take a look at the …

The OnePlus Nord is officially here

The OnePlus Nord is here and it looks gorgeous

After weeks of teases and spec/feature confirmations, OnePlus officially lifted the curtains on the OnePlus Nord. Due to the current state of the world, OnePlus opted to provide an AR experience for everyone to at least see the Nord, instead of relying on the boring ole’ video stream (although that was just fine). The device …