Storage Expansion

Best SD cards for your Android smartphone

If you’re looking for a new SD card for your Android smartphone or tablet, then check out some of these SD cards that we’ve found.

Take your data back

How to make a Period & Health Tracker using Google Forms

With everyone nervous about their personal data these days, there is no harm in having things a little more offline and closer to your chest. Today we talk about how to track your periods or any other thing you may like to track using Google Forms. We break down what you need to add, as well as making it available from your own home screen in just a press.

no wifi no problems

10 Best Offline Games Games for Android

Whether you’re stuck in a dead zone with nothing to do or you’re taking a cross-country road trip, here are some of the best offline offline Android games to play!

Break that character limit

Longform content comes to Twitter with Twitter Notes

Twitter introduces Notes, a longform content option that allows users to break the traditional character cap. While this feature isn’t rolled out to everyone just yet, we should be seeing it come to select countries soon.

Classic Gaming

Atari Celebrates 50th Anniversary, Will Bring Games to Stadia

When it comes to gaming, there’s no doubt that Atari is one of the biggest names around, and the company is an essential talking point when discussing the growth of videogame culture, especially in North America. The videogame giant recently turned 50 on June 27, and announced that it would be launching the “Atari Recharged” …