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Google Voice survey needs your feedback to prioritize new features

Jun 10th 2015 - The Google Voice team is looking for some feedback on how you use the features in Voice. Posted in the Google Voice help forum, the team has put together a relatively quick, 10-minute survey they say will help them “prioritize new features.”

So if I die or disappear, what happens to my Gmail and Google account?

Jul 25th 2014 - What happens to your email account, google docs, pictures, and all your Google services if you die or disappear? Do you want to make sure a loved one can gain access? Or maybe you want to make sure they can’t! Google lets you do both with Inactive Account Manager.

Has Google’s reputation turned sour?

May 19th 2014 - “Don’t be evil.” There was a time when Google could do no wrong, but fast forward to today and a growing amount of consumers don’t believe that famous slogan to be true anymore. What changed?

Samsung Gear Glass patent looks to tackle one of Google Glass’ biggest problems

Mar 5th 2014 - There’s no question that one of the biggest challenges facing Google Glass is the wearable’s reliance on voice for most of its input. I’m sure many of you figured this out by now, but voice recognition technology isn’t quite “there yet” (although it’s getting better all the time). And while Glass works pretty damn well …

Download the new Google Search 3.2 app and rebranded Google Now Launcher

Feb 5th 2014 - A handful of Google apps found themselves updated in the Google Play Store today (Hangouts, Google Search, Google Drive, Google Maps, Cloud Print, Newsstand). We’re sure you’ve already received the notifications and while all the updates bring minor new additions and obligatory bug fixes, it’s the new Google Search app that we found the most interesting.Apparently, …

Download: Google apps extracted from Nexus 5 factory image

Oct 31st 2013 - We’ve been digging through the Nexus 5’s factory image, testing out all the new Google apps to see which work, and which don’t. Here’s a quick list with download links if you want to be on the bleeding edge of Google software. Have at it.Tested and working Calculator DeskClock Email Gmail Keep (Needs Play Services …