Spyier: Next-Gen Phone Monitoring Solution

When you search for a phone monitoring solution on the internet, you often find Spyier taking the top spot in most places and aspects. Therefore, many people wonder if Spyier is actually worth it. It is important to find out if Spyier can do all that it claims since it offers such unimaginable and cool …

Best of Phandroid

10 things only Android users will understand

Using an Android device comes with a number of quirks and feelings that only Android users can understand. That’s exactly what makes Android users different, and why we can safely say no one else understands what it’s like.

Not that lite

Hands on with the new Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite and Note 10 Lite

Samsung announced the lower end Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite and Galaxy Note 10 Lite right before CES 2020, and at the event they have them on display. The devices trade in some of the high end specs of Samsung’s flagships for lower end parts, hopefully aiming at a reasonable price point. The devices are extremely …

Alexa + Android Auto

Pioneer Android Auto head units are now smarter with Alexa and larger HD displays

Pioneer has been building quality Android Auto head units for a few years now, but this year it finally upgraded its models to feature 720p displays, a massive upgrade from the traditional 480 resolution that the aftermarket automotive players have been using for a very long time. The star of the show is the DMH-WT8600NEX, …