no interruptions

How to use Do Not Disturb for Android [VIDEO]

Do Not Disturb is like silent mode on steroids. It can silence your phone quickly or automatically, but also allow certain people and apps to break through.


Upcoming Android Handsets Can Fans Look Forward to in 2023

A new year means fresh rumors of innovative technology and there are sure to be plenty of Android handsets released in 2023. From the major brands to the up-and-coming names, what new Android handsets can fans look forward to in 2023?Samsung Galaxy S23We start with the biggest name in Android smartphones, Samsung, and in 2023 …

Best camera?

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra camera test: do we need 200MP cameras?

Our Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra review unit showed up on our doorstep this week. While we’re working on getting familiar with the new hardware for Phandroid’s review of the Galaxy S23 Ultra, we’re also kicking off our camera coverage of the phone with our full Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra camera test to see if smartphones …