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Chromecast with Google TV review: The battle for your living room is over

Needless to say, the current lineup of Chromecasts has gotten a bit long in the tooth. We have been waiting for a new version to launch, only to continue to have to wait and wait. With the popularity of the Fire TV Stick sky-rocketing, along with Roku’s popularity and even a refresher for the NVIDIA …

picture time

OnePlus 8T versus Samsung Galaxy S20 FE camera comparison: too close to call

The all-new OnePlus 8T is an incredible deal when you compare its specs to the competition, but the Galaxy S20 FE from Samsung is a device that could give the 8T a run for its money. Since camera quality is one of the most important factors these days for most buyers, we’ve put together a …

OK Google

How to install Nest Thermostat

Google’s Nest Thermostat is a smart way to control your home’s temperature and to help you potentially save energy in the long run, so now that you’ve gotten your hands on it, how do you set it up? Read on to find out.

Gaming on Steroids

RedMagic 5S Review: Mobile gaming done right

As mobile gaming continues to explode, it has opened the door for the gaming-centric smartphone market to grow. We’ve seen devices like the Razer Phone, ASUS ROG Phone 3, and others, but Nubia wants to get in on the fun with its RedMagic lineup.Earlier in the year, we saw the release of the RedMagic 5G, …

Ready... fight!

Pixel 5 versus OnePlus 8T camera comparison: is Pixel still king?

We’re seen quite a few amazing smartphone cameras so far in 2020, but things just got a whole lot more exciting this week with the Pixel 5 and OnePlus 8T making their debuts. While OnePlus has never been a market leader when it comes to smartphone photography, the company has improved dramatically from years past …

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Upcoming mobile games to look out for

Mobile gaming is more popular than ever, and this trend looks like it is here to stay. The practicality and convenience of a mobile phone, when compared with a game console, make it a popular choice, as you can take it just about anywhere with you. With studies showing that mobile games made up 60% of …

The future is here

First impressions of the future: Galaxy Z Fold 2

Okay, so before we get started on this bad boy, let’s set the scene. I’m an avid smartphone user, but have preferred iOS over Android due to a few key applications that help keep my life organized. But for the last few years, the iPhone design has become stale, outside of shiny (or matte) new …

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Pixel 5 camera test: improving on the best

The new Google Pixel 5 may not be the most exciting smartphone when you’re simply looking at its spec sheet, but a lot of you have been patiently awaiting the device simply for its cameras. Like last year, the new Pixel smartphone has two cameras on the back, but rather than having a zoom camera …

ANC on a budget

AUKEY EP-N5 True Wireless Earbuds Review: ANC on the cheap

When it comes to finding the right set of headphones for you or a loved one, there are more choices than you can shake a stick at. Every company out there, big and small, are venturing into the world of earbuds to get a piece of the pie. See, truly wireless earbuds started out as …