New 360 camera?

Insta360 teases new module camera, set to launch on June 28

Insta360 is at it again, teasing the launch of a new module camera for its Insta360 One RS line. The teaser shows off a new camera mobile that can detach from the One RS body and then be reattached to what appears to be a handle with control buttons on the site.The current Insta360 RS …

Changing Locations

How to move Android apps onto an SD card

If you want to move an Android app onto your phone’s SD card so it doesn’t take up internal storage space, here’s how.

Only the best

Best Tech of 2021

2021 has been quite an interesting year, with plenty of ups and downs in the tech world to make your head spin. But today, we’re looking at the best of the year, as we have put our collective heads together to come up with the best devices, accessories, and services. These are devices that we’ve …