Pretty forms at last

Google Forms has added additional styling fonts

Google will eventually update its helpful tool for developing online tests and surveys. New font style and size options are among the often requested enhancements that the search engine giant has announced for Google Forms.You’ll be able to alter the overall appearance of your forms starting this week by choosing multiple typefaces and sizes. The different …

Best of Phandroid

10 things only Android users will understand

Using an Android device comes with a number of quirks and feelings that only Android users can understand. That’s exactly what makes Android users different, and why we can safely say no one else understands what it’s like.


What Exactly Are Proxies?

Whether you’re an average Joe or Jane just trying to browse their social media in peace or a business owner collecting competitor insights through web scraping, you’ll find it challenging to ensure your privacy and security online. Every site you visit and page you open collects your information, using it to determine what (if any) …