Stay charged

Best smartphone power banks

Need a smartphone power bank to keep you topped up while on the go? Then these are some of the best smartphone power banks that we found that might be worth checking out.

Unlock your freedom

How to SIM unlock the Samsung Galaxy A70 for free

If you own a Samsung Galaxy A70 whose SIM is locked to a carrier, don’t worry because if you like the idea of being able to freely use your smartphone with any carrier or SIM card, then this guide will teach you how to unlock your Galaxy A70’s SIM for free.


Insta360 teases October 28th launch of its next action camera

Insta360 is back… well… almost. The company has just released a teaser video for an October 28th launch of its next action camera. We really loved the Insta360 One R and its modular design, but we’re not exactly sure what we’re going to get this time around since the company has released a handful of …

SIM Unlock

How to SIM unlock the Samsung Galaxy A50 for free

Have a Samsung Galaxy A50 whose SIM is locked to a carrier? If you want the freedom of using another carrier and want to unlock your phone’s SIM, then read on to find out how to go about doing it for free.

Wicked fast

Real Graphene G-Lite 60W Charger Review: Wicked fast charging, at a price

In a world where phone makers are trying to make it possible to re-charge as fast as possible (looking at you OnePlus and Oppo), it’s equally important to have a portable charger that can keep up. So when a power bank maker comes out and says that “this is the world’s fastest charging”, there is …