Trio of devices

Three new phones from Alcatel set to debut on February 24

Alcatel has confirmed that the Alcatel 1X, Alcatel 3V, and Alcatel 5 will all be introduced on February 24th at MWC 2018. This comes after the latter two devices leaked on Amazon France late last month.

Take out the trash

How to remove unwanted apps from your Android phone

If you’re using an Android phone that isn’t a Pixel, there’s a pretty good chance it came with a bunch of pre-loaded apps that you have no intention of ever using. Thankfully, you can now remove almost any app.

AMP it up

Google is bringing AMP support to Gmail

The feature is aptly named “AMP for Email,” which means it can be used for more than just Gmail. Developers will be able to make emails “more interactive and engaging.”

Ocean Depths

New colors are coming to the Essential Phone starting today

Essential has announced that three new color options will be available for a limited time under the “Spring Collection”. These colors include Ocean Depths, Copper Black, and Stellar Gray and will be going on sale for $599 at different times over the next week.

Dropping like flies

The hits keep on coming: HTC’s smartphone president resigns

It’s no secret that HTC has been struggling for the last few years, as the company continues to be outclassed by the likes of Samsung, LG, and now Google. The latest exec to hand in his resignation is HTC’s President of Smartphone and Connected Devices, Chialin Chang.


Samsung releases three new teasers ahead of Galaxy S9 launch

Samsung will be unveiling the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus at an Unpacked event during MWC 2018. To help build some anticipation, the company has released three new teaser videos, showcasing possible features of the devices.

Samsung halts Oreo rollout

Samsung reportedly halts rollout of Android 8.0 Oreo

After beginning the rollout of Android Oreo for the Galaxy S8 lineup last week, Samsung has reportedly halted the update from being available in other regions and is already working on a new version to push to devices.

no interruptions

How to use Do Not Disturb for Android [VIDEO]

Do Not Disturb is like silent mode on steroids. It can silence your phone quickly or automatically, but also allow certain people and apps to break through.

keep an eye out

How to turn your old Android phone into a security camera

Not everyone wants to shell out the cash to outfit their home with cameras. You already have old devices with cameras, so why not use them as security cameras? It’s not as difficult as you might think.