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How to connect an XBox One controller to your Android device

There’s no denying that console gaming is far more immersive than mobile gaming on an Android device, but with so many great games available for your smartphone and tablet, we wouldn’t judge you if you wanted to spend the evening on your couch playing on your Android device rather than your console.While on-screen controls work …

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Best gaming controllers for smartphones and tablets

If you’re going to be playing games on your smartphone, touch controls won’t cut it. You need to be prepared and pick up a proper controller, and preferably something to attach your phone to it.

Dead in the water

5 reasons why the Pixel 4a will be DOA

Google is said to be launching the Pixel 4a soon, a cheaper, less powerful variant of the Pixel 4 and the successor to the Pixel 3a, and here’s why we think it’s going to be a flop.

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How to turn your Android phone into a dash cam

A dash cam is a camera that sits on the dashboard of your car and constantly records video. Since every Android phone has a camera, you already have a dash cam just waiting to be set up.

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5 Great Android apps to check out this week (May 25, 2020)

The Google Play store is full of awesome apps that can help you with tasks or simply help you take a break and relax with an engaging game. But how do you know what ones you should try? We can help you with that! Every week, we will share awesome new apps and games that …

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Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL are stupid cheap on Amazon today!

There are plenty of great Memorial Day weekend tech deals to be had, but if you’re looking for a great smartphone, the Pixel 3a or the Pixel 3a XL is your best option. The two phones are typically quite cheap, but a new discount has slashed their prices to $279 for the Pixel 3a and …

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How to SIM unlock the iPhone SE (2020) for free

Need to unlock the SIM of the iPhone SE (2020)? If you do, then be sure to check out our guide as we’ll take you through the steps of unlocking the iPhone SE.

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Best word games Android and iPhone in 2020

If you want to test your vocabulary skills or maybe if you’re trying to teach your child new language skills, then these iOS and Android word games might be worth checking out.