Real desktop mode!

Android Q desktop mode launcher is pretty amazing

Android Q’s desktop mode is pretty basic, but a demo Flow Desktop, a third-party launcher, shows how we’ll be able to transform our smartphones into desktop computers

Android on Windows?

Mysterious dual-screen Microsoft Surface Centaurus will run Android apps

We have to admit that we were disappointed to hear that Google’s hardware team is throwing in the towel on the tablet form factor, but a new detail regarding the upcoming dual-screen Microsoft Surface could be the perfect solution. IHS Markit revealed to Forbes that the foldable dual-screen Microsoft Surface will include Android app support …

Note 8 Tips

80+ Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Tips & Tricks

We take a look at all of the different features offered by the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and have compiled a list of the best tips & tricks for you to make the best of your device.

A Smarter Home

5 Best Smart Lighting Products of 2019

If you’re thinking about giving your home a “smart” makeover, the easiest place to start would be with the lights, and here are five of the best smart lighting systems that are available in the market at the moment.

LG V30 SIM ulock

How to SIM unlock the LG V30

If you need to unlock the SIM of your LG V30, check out our guide which will show you both free and paid methods to unlock the SIM of your handset, giving you the freedom to use your phone as you wish.

Replace your dongle with a better one

Creative SXFI AMP review: A mix of serious power and gimmicks

Most headphone jacks suck. Whether it’s your phone or your laptop, built in audio is rarely good. Creative set out to improve your audio experience with a DAC that has some… “magical” features.

Best S10+ protection

10 Best Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S10+

It seems as though that premium smartphones continue to rise in price every time a new model is released and the Samsung Galaxy S10+ certainly is no exception.  Originally released on March 8, 2019, this device debuted with an original retail value of $999.  With a price point of almost $1,000, you definitely want to …