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Watch the official Motorola RAZR commercial

The new Motorola RAZR has officially been unveiled. As expected, the phone features a foldable-display which allows the device to cram in the features of a modern smartphone into the iconic clamshell form factor of the original Motorola RAZR. Verizon will not be selling the Motorola RAZR until January 9th, but Motorola has already released …


Hello Moto: this is the new foldable-display Motorola RAZR

Hello Moto! 2019 may not be the year of 5G, but it’s certainly the year that major brands are betting big money on foldable-display smartphones. Say hello to the new Motorola RAZR, the third major foldable-display smartphone to be officially unveiled this year. Since nearly all slab smartphones pretty much look identical these days, you’d …


Teardown images of the new Motorola RAZR reveal its internal components

With only hours to go before the unveiling of the new Motorola RAZR featuring a foldable display, teardown images of the phone from the device’s FCC filing have surfaces. While we have seen quite a few images and renders of the phone, the new photographs give us multiple clear views of the phone from the …

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Capture scrolling screenshots with any Android device

Capturing a screenshot on an Android device is pretty simple. Press the unique button combination on your smartphone or tablet and you can capture and share a screenshot in a matter of seconds. A handful of new smartphones feature a scrolling screenshot option which allows you to capture an entire web page, yourapp drawer or even …

Is Stadia worth using?

5 reasons you should skip Google’s Stadia

Google Stadia is an awesome concept, but it’s a tough sell for gamers to start anew with their game library. Here are five reasons why Stadia is not worth using.


First 10 things every Pixel 4 owner should do

The new Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL from Google are two amazing smartphones. If this is the first device you’ve purchased in a long time, there are a lot of new software features which you may not know how to use. To take the mystery out of the phone, we’ve put together a list …

All systems go

Insta360 GO – Unboxing and first impressions. Should you buy one?

The Insta360 Go is the latest camera from the company, offering a sub-20-gram fisheye action camera that is so tiny you’ll probably be terrified of losing it. But don’t let that put you off from picking one of these up. In Insta360’s unique an intuitive way they have somehow made this tiny champion a GoPro …

Growing pains

Disney+ servers are crashing on day one

Today marks the launch of Disney+, the company’s Netflix competitor which is jam-packed with all your favorite Disney movies and TV shows. While there are a lot of streaming services launching this year, Disney+ has been the one most have been looking forward to due to its extensive catalog. Unfortunately, Disney did not anticipate the …