Best S10+ protection

10 Best Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S10+

It seems as though that premium smartphones continue to rise in price every time a new model is released and the Samsung Galaxy S10+ certainly is no exception.  Originally released on March 8, 2019, this device debuted with an original retail value of $999.  With a price point of almost $1,000, you definitely want to …

No Huawei for you

FedEx is refusing to ship Huawei phones to the US

Huawei’s ongoing troubles in the US means that the company will not be able to do business with US companies, but it seems that FedEx might be going one step further by refusing to even ship packages with Huawei products inside of them.

yo joe

Joe’s essential Android apps [VIDEO]

I’ve been using Android for as long as I can remember. In that time, I’ve tried thousands of different apps. So I feel like I have my setup figured out pretty well.