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These are the best WiFi 6 routers for 2020

WiFi 6 routers are starting to appear on the shelves of retailers, but the question is which are the best, and why you should upgrade to one? If you are thinking about maybe investing in one, then these are the best WiFi 6 routers for 2020.


Google accidentally revealed the price of the Pixel 5

The price of the Pixel 5 has inadvertently been confirmed by Google… for those planning on buying the phone in Japan.Google of Japan accidentally jumped the gun, sharing the price of the upcoming phone on its Twitter account. We suspect someone of the social media team hit the “publish” button accidentally rather than “schedule” in …


Motorola Edge review: a mid-range stunner

The Motorola Edge is entering a very crowded and competitive mid-range smartphone market. This is a market where a device has to stand out to get some recognition, and Motorola’s previous devices have always been good but nothing too special (except for the RAZR of course). But the Edge is unique and has some tricks …

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10 Cool Android Phone Tricks You Should Know

Since there are so many different things you can do, it’s inevitable to be unaware of some of the best Android tricks. We’ve compiled a list of cool tricks that you should know.

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10 Best Signature Makers to Create a Signature Free Online

Signature generators are enormous time and money savers. Any document you sign offline, you can create online and sign in a few seconds. You don’t waste money on paper and printers, and you can have multiple people sign at once. We’ve collected 10 of the best signature generator tools in this article, the majority of which …

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Save $200 on the MAXOAK BLUETTI EB240 Power Station

Lithium power banks for smartphones have been around for years, allowing us to charge our gadgets while on the go, but if you’re looking for something for an extended camping trip or need to replace a gas-powered generator to keep the lights on in your home in case the power goes out, the MAXOAK BLUETTI …

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OnePlus 8 gets a massive $100 discount

The OnePlus 8, an Editor’s Choice Ward winner here at Phandroid, is more compelling than ever today thanks to a new discount that’s being offered! Usually priced at $699 for the 8GB/128GB variant and $799 for the 12GB/256GB option, OnePlus has slashed the price by $100 for both models!The phone has already proven to be …


Amazon’s Echo, Echo Show and Echo Dot get new features and much-needed redesigns

Amazon’s Echo lineup has just been updated for 2020, delivering a complete redesign for the entire product line while also cramming in new features and capabilities that propel the Alexa-powered speakers and displays ahead of the competition.When looking at the new lineup, it’s hard not to notice the fresh new look for the entire product …


Poco X3 NFC review: the budget smartphone everyone should buy

This year we’ve seen quite a few flagship smartphones promising new technologies that will change the way we use our devices and new camera setups that deliver images we never thought we’d be able to capture on a smartphone. The Poco X3 NFC does neither of those. It’s a budget-friendly 230 Euro smartphone with a forgettable …