Google TV Streaming

Google re-imagines streaming courtesy of the Chromecast with Google TV

It’s been just over two years since Google has updated the Chromecast, but the wait is finally over thanks to the Chromecast with Google TV. This new product is running a modified version of Android TV, as Google is trying to give users more of a focus on content, instead of what you may find …

Qi on the go

AUKEY’s innovative Qi charging stand, 20000mAh power bank is on sale for $35!

Power banks offering 20,000mAh hours of charging capacity are becoming a lot more common these days. While there are a few that integrate Qi charging technology so that you can simply place your phone on the battery for it to start charging, AUKEy has taken things one steel further by adding a kickstand to the …


Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro versus Mi 10 & Mi 10 Lite: spec showdown

Xiaomi has just unveiled its new Mi 10 lineup which features three new smartphones with high-end specs and incredibly low prices. If you thought OnePlus smartphones were a steal, Xiaomi is here to reset your expectations when it comes to overall value.The Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro is the new high-end device in the lineup, but …

Efficient charging

Xiaomi takes the wraps off its 65W fast charger with GaN technology

If there’s something most of us probably never pay attention to, it would be the power brick that we use to charge our devices with. The technology it uses is important and Xiaomi is hoping to change that by bringing its 65W GaN charging tech to the market.

Awesome workaround

How to play Google’s Stadia on your iPhone

Changes to the App Store will finally allow game streaming services to arrive on the iPhone, although the strict requirements can put a damper on those proceedings, but if you want to play Stadia on your iPhone now, this is what you need to do.