How to add wireless charging to the Google Pixel

The Google Pixel is a darn near perfect Android smartphone, but one big feature we missed from previous devices was wireless charging. Luckily we found a way to introduce this functionality and it’s dead simple.

get the forecast

10 Best Weather Apps for Android in 2017

Whether you need to see if you should bring an umbrella for the day or you’re planning a vacation for the weekend, here are the best weather apps available for Android right now!

For stylus fans

LG Stylo 5 has launched on Cricket Wireless

If you’re a fan of using a stylus with your phone, then you might be interested in checking out the recently launched LG Stylo 5 on Cricket Wireless.

happy 4th!

5 Great Apps To Celebrate the 4th of July

American Independence Day is around the corner and here are a few apps to help celebrate. We’ve included a few different types of apps including a live wallpaper app and a familiar app to help you cook. Google Maps Many people travel around July 4th, whether it’s to see family, friends or the nearest fireworks …


20+ Best Android Games for 2 Players

Most multiplayer games nowadays can only work if you’re connected to the internet. Sure, it’s fun to pwn noobs from across the world, but sometimes you want to pwn the person sitting right next to you.