Time to buy!

The OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro are now shipping from Amazon

The new lineup of OnePlus devices is officially available on Amazon in the US. The OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro that Amazon is selling feature the same hardware as the unlocked versions available directly from OnePlus, but Amazon is throwing in three free months of Amazon Music with the purchase while also bringing the …


Unbelievable deal offers insane 30% discount on the new Pixel Buds

Google’s all-new Pixel Buds have been available for only two days, but thanks to an amazing discount code from US Cellular, you won’t need to pay the $179 retail price Google is charging for them. Thanks to a generic discount code being offered by US Cellular, you’ll be able to save 30% on your Pixel …

Coming Soon

OnePlus Z tipped to launch in July

According to a recent leak, it seems that OnePlus’ mid-ranger could arrive a little earlier than we had expected.

Mobile gambling

6 Things UK Offline Casino Players Should Know when Picking an Online Casino

Online casinos are more popular than ever, and more offline players are also considering the option as an alternative. They do have their fair share of advantages and have greatly improved over the years. However, they can still be intimidating to the uninitiated, and it can be close to impossible for newcomers to know which …

All the deets

LG reveals full LG Velvet spec sheet ahead of next week’s launch

In regular LG fashion, the company has officially revealed the most important features and specs of the upcoming LG Velvet before its official launch date. While the highlight of the upcoming device is still the phone’s complete redesign from the G-series of the past, LG is positioning the new device as a mid-range phone that …

More details

More Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 details leaked

A recent tweet has revealed some additional details about the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, Samsung’s third attempt at creating a foldable smartphone.

The new Buds

The Pixel Buds 2020 are finally here!

The Pixel Buds 2020 have finally arrived! Originally unveiled alongside the Pixel 4 back in 2019, Google’s updated earbuds are finally available for purchase. Like the original Pixel Buds, the 2020 version comes with Google Assistant integration for volume, track control and any other Google Assistant queries you might have and you also get real-time translation …

Best camera?

LG V60 versus OnePlus 8 Pro: ultimate camera comparison

Smartphone camera keep getting better with every new generation of smartphones we get. That being said, there are significant differences in camera performance from device to device based on the sensors they use and the image processing that manufacturers apply to deliver the best image possible.IN this camera comparison, we take a detailed look at …