OnePlus X

Last updated: Jun 1st, 2016.

The OnePlus X is an affordable phone from OnePlus which launched in 2015.

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The OnePlus X might already be retired

If you’ve looked at the OnePlus store lately, you’ll notice that many variants of the device are out of stock, with only the such and such being available at any given time. Well, it appears there’s reason for the dwindling availability: OnePlus might be getting ready to retire it.

OnePlus kicks its X series lineup to the curb

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau announced yesterday that the company is getting out of the mid-range smartphone business. OnePlus is not planning to release a new OnePlus X smartphone and will instead focus its efforts completely on “true flagship” devices.

OnePlus permanently chops $50 off the cost of all their phones

OnePlus today announced a permanent price reduction across the entirety of their current smartphone lineup. The reduction is a nice $50 for the OnePlus One, OnePlus X, and the OnePlus 2. That brings the devices’ starting prices to $199, $249, and $299, respectively.

OnePlus spends $300k to prominently display their smartphones in House of Cards season 4

There’s something about being a smartphone/Android enthusiast that we’re constantly trying to identify every piece of tech whether in real life or cinema. According to OnePlus, they were willing to fork over $300,000 to get their phones — OnePlus One, OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X — into the hands of prominent House of Cards characters. Did spot them?