Notion Ink Adam

Last updated: Dec 28th, 2010.

The Notion Ink Adam is a powerhouse of a tablet. Featuring a Nvidia Tegra 2 processor and running Android 2.2 there is no doubting it's awesome factor.

Is this the Android tablet everyone has been waiting for? We'll have to wait until some people get it in their hands and the reviews start rolling in to find out.

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Notion Ink releases ICS beta for the Adam

Not too long ago, Notion Ink released the alpha version of Ice Cream Sandwich for their Adam users, but as aspected there were quite a few issues. But the hard work of the team is starting to show results as Founder/CEO Rohan Shravan has shared the links to the beta files that should improve your …

Notion Ink Testing ICS for Adam Tablet, Teases New Device

A lot of hype led up to the release of the Notion Ink Adam, a lot of hype that the actual product didn’t exactly live up to. Still, Notion Ink hasn’t abandoned their efforts to capture the title of best Android tablet. A build of Android 4.0 for the Adam is already in the works, …

Notion Ink Provides Alpha ICS Source For Its Consumers [Video]

The folks at Notion Ink are keeping to their promise of bringing Ice Cream Sandwich to the Adam tablet and they want to show you just how far they’ve come. They’ve made a video showing their progress off but they’re giving the fearless a chance to build and flash the ROM and take a look …

Honeycomb Ported to Notion Ink Adam, But It Isn’t Pretty

When we first heard of the Notion Ink Adam we were hoping it’d eventually get Android 3.0. Unfortunately Google’s limiting who can get a fully-licensed version of the tablet-specific software and is electing not to release the source code. Folks are tired of waiting and have taken it upon themselves to port Honeycomb to the …

Notion Ink Adam Gets Unboxed by… Notion Ink

Before I write this small block of text, let me just say I hear you: we’ve been posting an awful lot of Notion Ink coverage. It’s just one of the more interesting product launches we’ve witnessed and we’re secretly excited by this thing. We’re trying to slow down, but expect a couple more after this …

Notion Ink Adams are Shipping, Check to See if Yours Is

One step closer to “we’ll see it when we believe it” in this Notion Ink circus. Yesterday, we caught wind of the first line of the tablets for shipping after it’d finally gotten FCC approval, and it appeared they’d be ready in time to ship on Wednesday. Welp, it’s Wednesday and we’re hearing that orders …

Notion Ink: FCC Approval Means We’re Shipping Wednesday

Rejoice! We should soon be able to put to rest the rumors that the Notion Ink Adam is vaporware as the issue keeping them from shipping the tablet – the lack of FCC approval – has been hurdled. With that, Rohan Shravan insists that pre-orderers should see their tablets shipped Wednesday, which hopefully means most …