Nexus SailFish

Last updated: Jul 18th, 2016.

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Download and Install the Pixel Launcher on your Android device

Thanks to @LlabTooFeR, the Pixel Launcher can now be installed and downloaded on pretty much any Android device. The new launcher isn’t much different than the Nexus Launcher leaks which have been circulating lately, but it does confirm that Google’s upcoming phones will launch under the company’s Pixel brand.

Here’s another clear look at the Nexus Sailfish

We’ve seen enough of HTC’s Nexus Sailfish by now to get a pretty clear idea of what to expect in terms of looks. Still, new renders will always get us perky in the morning hours, and that’s exactly what we get today thanks to a new leak through Weibo.

Nexus Marlin, Sailfish could launch as Google-branded smartphones in September

A new report claims that Google is planning to launch two smartphones in September which will prominently feature the Google name instead of the Nexus brand. The devices in question appear to match up with the rumored Nexus Sailfish and Nexus Marlin, but the source has not been able to confirm that they are the same.

Yet another Nexus Marlin/Sailfish photo leaks

We now have a second image of one of the 2016 Nexus smartphones, shared by @usbf on Twitter. While he has claimed that the phone features a “full glass back,” the photo shows that the glass panel on the back does not cover the entire back of the phone.