Motorola XPRT

Last updated: May 5th, 2011.

The Motorola XPRT is Sprint's first Android phone to focus on business consumers, particularly reformed BlackBerry usres. One quick look at the XPRT and you may do a doubletake - wait, what? Is that a BlackBerry Android Phone? No... it's not... it's just a Motorola Android Phone designed to meet the expectations and desires of former BlackBerry users, and it does a great job.

This no-nonsense smartphone has a 3.1-inch display and full QWERTY keyboard powered by a more than capable 1GHz processor. WIth world mode capabilties and a huge 1860 mAh battery powering the show, the XPRT is perfect for both enterprise managers and field works who want a reliable, sturdy, and efficient smartphone solution.

The XPRT also comes with a 5MP camera with LED flash and Mobile Hotspot capabilities for connecting up to 5 devices. Another benefit for business users and travelers? The XPRT is a world phone, meaning it includes both CDMA and GSM antennas that make using your phone in foreign countries a much easier task.

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