Motorola Corvair

Last updated: Nov 7th, 2011.

The Motorola Corvair is a 6-inch tablet designed to primarily act as a remote control companion for Motorola's cable boxes. It features a built-in IR blaster and the ability to mirror content from your home television. Little else is known, but it may be offered as an option with television service subscriptions.

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Motorola Corvair comes back to the rumor mill after almost 9 months of absence

The Motorola Corvair made a quick appearance around the inter webs last November. The easily-forgettable tablet has been hiding under the blankets ever since, making us think that the project could have been canceled. The 6-inch device has made an epic come-back almost 9 months since its first leak. This time courtesy of a Verizon …

Motorola Corvair Pictured, a 6-inch Tablet for Controlling Your TV

What happens when you cross a remote control and an Android tablet? We might just have the answer in the form of the 6-inch Motorola Corvair. The recently-spied Android 2.3 tablet is currently in testing (and seen here in its packaging) and is tagged as a “Dedicated controller for the connect[ed]…” with who or what …