Lumigon T1

Last updated: Jan 7th, 2011.

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Will we see a re-envisioned Lumigon T1 at Mobile World Congress?

Lumigon first announced their Lumigon T1 smartphone at Mobile World Congress way back in February of 2010. The company will be back at MWC this year, this time showing off…the Lumigon T1. If you aren’t familiar with the device, it was one of a set of handsets initially unveiled by the mobile hardware startup. Plans …

Lumigon Invites all to Attend Unveiling Party for First Smartphone

Back in February Lumigon teased the world with sleek looking renders of their upcoming Android smartphones touting features such as HDMI output that looked to really rock the mobile world…had at least one of the handsets met the announced July release date. Now Lumigon is preparing to finally unveil their T1 Android phone, and they …

Lumigon Bring Beauty And T9 To Android With T1, S1, E1

Add another manufacturer to the Android bandwagon: Lumigon. The company is starting their Android initiative with an incredibly creative set of offerings with a feature we haven’t seen before on Android handsets… slide-out T9 keyboards. Typically Android phones have offered either touchscreen only or touchscreen with full QWERTY offerings so this is definitely a step …