Last updated: Apr 17th, 2017.

The LG G5 was launched April 1st, 2016 by the South Korean manufacturer following a Mobile World Congress unveiling. This was some of LG’s biggest innovation yet with the introduction of dual rear cameras and an always-on display, and it represents one of the first times LG directly challenged Samsung to have the top smartphone on the market.

Other unique features of the LG G5 include its Magic Slot. The Magic Slot allows you to extend functionality of the device by popping the bottom off. You can add a camera grip with controls for manual capture, as well as a Hi-Fi audio module for improved audio capabilities. LG also announced cool new toys to go along with the LG G5 like VR goggles and a rolling robot.

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Best LG G5 cases, chargers, and accessories

f any phone was made for accessories, it’s the LG G5. The entire bottom of the phone can slide out and be replaced. That concept hasn’t really taken off with manufacturers yet, but there are still plenty of great accessories to choose from.

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LG G5 Review

LG is no stranger to competition with Samsung, of course. With the G5, they’ve pulled out all the stops. Does LG’s plethora of features make the G5 a better device overall?

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