Lenovo K900

Last updated: Mar 12th, 2013.

We got a chance to take a look at the Lenovo K900 for the first time at MWC 2013. The Intel-based device comes with a very attractive and slim build, while the specs are not exactly falling behind, either. It is a powerful device that is different from the competition - it will stand out in a crowd. 

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Intel-powered Lenovo K900 pegged for April 17th release in China

The Lenovo K900 is quite the intriguing phone. With a 5.5-inch 1080p display and Intel Clover Trail+ processor, it will launch as arguably the best-specced Android phone to run an Atom CPU. Adding to the appeal is an all-metal design that feels solid, looks classy, and remains svelte in hand. The bad news is that …

Hands-on: Lenovo K900 at Mobile World Congress [VIDEO]

We’re live at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona where things are just starting to get under way. As a warm up to the main event we were at ShowStoppers last night where we had a chance to check out the Lenovo K900. You might remember the K900 from CES, where it was shown off for …

Eyes-on: Lenovo K900 at CES 2013

If you live outside of China you likely won’t ever get your hands on the Lenovo K900. If you are attending CES, you’ll have a hard time as well. We got to marvel at the 5.5-inch piece of machined Android goodness under a thick layer of glass, and while we can’t speak to the phone’s …

Lenovo unveils 5.5-inch Intel-powered K900

Lenovo hasn’t been very active in the Android scene, but the company is ready to start anew with Intel by its side. Lenovo has announced the K900, an Intel-powered smartphone with some very interesting specs to behold. For starters, this thing is on the “phablet” side of the spectrum with its 5.5 inch 1080p display. …