HTC Puccini

Last updated: May 9th, 2011.

The HTC Puccini actually turned out to be the HTC Jetstream, a Honeycomb tablet for AT&T. Announced on September 1st, HTC will make the tablet available for $700 on-contract September 4th. It's a 10/1 inch device and looks to be a monster of a device, specswise. Inside we have a dual-core Qualcomm 1.5GHz processor, 1GB of RAM,

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HTC Puccini LTE Headed to Canada Courtesy of Rogers

When Rogers unveiled its new Canadian 4G LTE network, they made mention of an upcoming “tablet from a leading manufacturer.” Initial speculation pointed towards the LTE version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, but a newly leaked internal document suggests the HTC Puccini LTE could also be on the schedule. The Puccini recently touched down …

HTC: “Join Us to See What’s Next” in London Night Before IFA

Well it looks like we have two major OEMs hosting their own shindigs coinciding with IFA in Berlin, Germany. Along with Samsung, HTC has announced an event titled “Join us to see what’s next,” set to kick off on September 1st, the day before the massive conference is scheduled to kick off. So what could …

HTC Puccini Looking At A September/October Launch

During a press conference at the Taiwan Stock Exchange, HTC’s CFO, Winston Yung let it slip that his company’s 10-inch Puccini tablet will be launching sometime in September or October. Yung also mentioned that HTC has been performing particularly well in Asian markets with sales in China to increase four-fold this year. The number of …
1 Shows Scribe Functionality on Honeycomb

It’s looking more and more likely that the HTC Puccini, HTC’s first Honeycomb tablet, will launch with the same Scribe support that the Flyer did. New photos have appeared on, HTC’s new developer portal, showing on-screen Scribe pen controls and doodles on top of Honeycomb. We’re happy that HTC was able to successfully integrate …

HTC Puccini To Be Unveiled September 1st?

Apparently, HTC has been busy sending out invitations for a big September 1st event but is remaining tight lipped on exactly what will be unveiled. According to those that have received an invite (we’re still waiting on ours) no device was mentioned. Seeing how HTC has yet to release a Honeycomb tablet this is leading …

HTC Puccini Tablet Pictured

Another look at the HTC Puccini tablet here by way of BGR, except this time the pictures aren’t blurry as all hell. It’s a picture of the device inside of a full leather case. The front doesn’t show much at all save for the AT&T logo that corroborates earlier rumors of its arrival at Ma …

FCC Filing Suggests AT&T Launch for HTC Puccini Tablet

It’s no secret that HTC is prepping a followup to their Flyer tablet released earlier this summer. The device has been floating around under the name Puccini and is expected to be a 10-inch slate running Honeycomb. We are now learning that the tablet could be headed for AT&T thanks to an FCC filing that …

HTC Throwing June 27th Shindig for Puccini Tablet?

HTC’s planning an event pretty soon, it seems, as they’ll be in London to show “where design and advanced technology can lead.” Considering HTC doesn’t usually hold events for anything other than upcoming hardware, we’re hoping to see some of the unannounced devices that have been rumored for quote some time. One of the devices …