HTC DROID Incredible X

Last updated: Sep 17th, 2012.

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HTC Droid DNA (DLX) shows up at the FCC, cleared for takeoff on Verizon Wireless

Customers on the nation’s largest wireless network who have been eyeballing the HTC DROID DNA (DLX) better have most of their pennies saved up. A filing at the FCC today hints that the moster-spec’d device is making a b-line straight for Verizon Wireless. Okay, so that part we’ve known for quite sometime, but without a …

New Nexus device to be based on HTC Droid Incredible X [RUMOR]

The HTC DROID Incredible X is expected to launch this fall as the Taiwanese mobile maker’s answer to phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note. A new rumor also has it forming the basis for one of several new Nexus devices expected to launch during the holiday season. It seems likely that Google will shift their …