When you swipe down from the top of the Galaxy S7, you’ll see the notification shade. At the top of that shade are quick toggles that allow you to turn Galaxy S7 settings such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on and off with a single tap. You’ll be using this – A LOT – so you’ll want to make it as useful as possible.


It’s not obvious at first, but the quick toggles are scrollable: swipe left on the area and you’ll see more quick toggle options. But there are better ways to see all the quick toggles at one time:

  • Swipe into notifications with one finger, tap the down arrow in the top right
  • Swipe into notifications with one finger, swipe down again
  • Swipe into notifications with two fingers and you’ll be taken directly to all quick toggle options

While viewing all quick toggles, change their order by:

  • Tapping “Reorder” in the top right
  • Long pressing an icon you want to move
  • Dragging it into a new position


Move your most used settings into the first 5 placements since these are the ones that will show on every single swipe down of the notifications. The next 5 will be available by scrolling. Choose wisely!